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4am awakening

Laura and I returned from Vancouver Island on Saturday evening, thinking it best because the March 15th E-newsletter needed to be written.

I awoke on Sunday at 4am, tried to go back to sleep and then at 4:45am, thinking OK, OK I’ve got a job to do.

I went into my office to write and turned on my computer which I rarely turn off. The computer is programmed to do a weekly backup on Saturday evening and with 10 years of records, the back up takes some time and takes up so much RAM that trying to write while it is backing up isn’t that effective.

I must admit, this frustrated me because I was ready to write. While waiting for the back-up to complete, I started reading The Power Of Intention and was reminded that trying to force things disconnects me from The Power Of Intention.

Both E-Newsletters completed in record time.

Went for a morning walk with Laura and then went back to bed for a few hours.

Laura and I went for an afternoon walk, a suntan and we did some shopping.

Finished the day off with some reading.