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31 Days Of Holiday Blogs – Day 8 of 31 Secrets To Succeed In 2007

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The eighth secret

The eighth secret is to remember this process is about creating a vision versus setting goals. Goal setting comes later. If you have heard me present, “Removing Your Roadblocks To Your Success?”, you will have heard me state that vision is far more important than goals.

I’m suggesting that this process right now is about vision versus goals and I am finding that the notion of goal setting is a hard habit to break.

As recent as my December 6, 2006 Blog I wrote the following about goals and now I am suggesting there is a better way:

I worked on my goals for 2006 on Monday, December 4, 2006.
One of the goals is:

– Prospect Speaking to associations and companies via Folios, E-Mails & Postcards to Speak at 35 sponsored Financial Advisor association and company events in Canada and the USA in 2007

On Tuesday, December 5, 2006, a very recognizable centre on influence invited us to present our Speaking Folio for consideration for the most significant Financial Advisor Public Speaking Event in the USA in 2007.

I’m laughing at myself right now because I’m noticing a typo, “goals for 2006” instead of 2007 which has since been corrected. It is no wonder that we got the call about the USA Financial Advisor Public Speaking Event the very next day.

Please understand that this writing is a Work-In-Progress of my own development at the same time as I share this with you. You are invited to visit my daily Blog for daily updates on my vision work and on my own progress. Just click the link Blog link www.leadingadvisor.com/blog and then scroll down and look at the right hand menu for Categories and click “Vision 2007” or you can Click Here for the Vision 2007 Category and Vision 2007 Updates.

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The E-Newsletter contains what I believe to be one of the best articles that I have ever written. The article is entitled 31 Secrets To Succeed In 2007 And Beyond.

I’m going to Blog publish 1 Secret each day over the holiday season and on a selfish note, 31 secrets and 31 days will take me through to January 15th, 2007. This will give me the opportunity to take a Blog Holiday.

Happy Holidays from Laura & Simon