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31 Days Of Holiday Blogs – Day 7 of 31 Secrets To Succeed In 2007


The seventh secret

The seventh secret is find a place where you can be anonymous.

I have created time with myself doing this exercise sitting on a log beside the ocean, rain or shine. One time I sat on a couple of those big black plastic garbage bags so that my seat didn’t get wet and I had one of those huge golf umbrellas and it worked amazingly well – and this was at a time when I didn’t have the money to afford a creative environment away from my home or office. Just think, a “create your vision picnic in nature in the rain”. Another time I found myself sitting in a revolving restaurant 45 floors above the city for the entire afternoon creating my vision. You could even go to the library.

The point is to schedule 4 – 8 hours and use your imagination and find a place where you can be anonymous. You must create the environment.

As I write this part of the article I am sitting in a well lit room in a beautifully decorated space with 12 foot high floor to ceiling windows with a fireplace with beautiful background music and as I’m appreciating this space a ray of sunlight just flooded the room.

* * *

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The E-Newsletter contains what I believe to be one of the best articles that I have ever written. The article is entitled 31 Secrets To Succeed In 2007 And Beyond.

I’m going to Blog publish 1 Secret each day over the holiday season and on a selfish note, 31 secrets and 31 days will take me through to January 15th, 2007. This will give me the opportunity to take a Blog Holiday.

Happy Holidays from Laura & Simon