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31 Days Of Holiday Blogs – Day 3 of 31 Secrets To Succeed In 2007


The third secret

The third second secret is understand that “thoughts are real forces” to quote John Kehoe from Mind Power. Whatever you think about you make real, especially if the thoughts are fueled by positive or negative feelings. The concept of attraction will attract whatever you are focusing on so be aware of what you are focusing on. You don’t have to understand the details of gravity or electricity to experience their benefits, nor do you have to understand how attraction works to experience the benefits. Just know that attraction works. One concept of attraction is certain, attraction doesn’t care if your thoughts are positive or negative or conscious or unconscious. We do not attract by default and we do have control over what we attract.

* * *

We just published our December E-Newsletter which our 2nd Anniversary E-Newsletter. Click E-Newsletter to subscribe to our free E-Newsletter.

The E-Newsletter contains what I believe to be one of the best articles that I have ever written. The article is entitled 31 Secrets To Succeed In 2007 And Beyond.

I’m going to Blog publish 1 Secret each day over the holiday season and on a selfish note, 31 secrets and 31 days will take me through to January 15th, 2007. This will give me the opportunity to take a Blog Holiday.

Happy Holidays from Laura & Simon