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31 Days Of Holiday Blogs – Day 11 of 31 Secrets To Succeed In 2007


The eleventh secret

The eleventh secret to guarantee your success in 2007 and beyond is forget “how”. There is also an even bigger reason to stay out of goals and that is that we get hung up on “how” and this will likely limit or cut off the right brain dream state of mind.

Let’s look at a common goal setting process to prove a point:
Remember the “SMART” Goal setting strategy;

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Action-Oriented
R – Realistic
T – Time-focused

A soon as we get into this model there is the chance that You or even worse yet, your dysfunctional ego mind will start to judge.

My dysfunctional ego is no different than anyone else’s – if I let it. And just for fun – Hah! Who are you kidding? You speaking at the most significant Financial Advisor Public Speaking Event in the USA in 2007. Cancel that thought. Cancel that thought. Cancel that thought.

Again, all you want to do right now is create a vision for all areas of your life and I recommend that you write down your visions in the following format in your journal:

– I am so happy and grateful that we continue to speak at sponsored association and company events throughout the world and therefore I feel appreciation, fulfillment, happiness, joy, satisfaction and wonderful.

Do you see the difference between the two? Here is the goal that I wrote on December 4, 2006

– Prospect Speaking to associations and companies via Folios, E-Mails & Postcards to Speak at 35 sponsored Financial Advisor association and company events in Canada and the USA in 2007

Do you see that by writing the goal I was limiting my vision by getting into the “How?” and too much detail:

– Getting in the How – Folios, E-Mails & Postcards. While these are great marketing strategies, sounds like a lot of work to me, how will I get it all done?

– Setting a number – We must know the number because we may not have enough folios, e-mails and postcards – without a limit, we will blow right past 35

– Setting limits – Why limit myself as I hear that the Million Dollar Round Table are doing an event in Japan and Freedom 55 are doing an event in Monaco. Yeah! Monaco. I could dig that. Me, Laura and Casino Royale – well you may catch us walking through the casino just to look as we are not gamblers and if you have seen one casino, you have seen them all. We have more fun looking at the architecture and the sights.

* * *

We just published our December E-Newsletter which our 2nd Anniversary E-Newsletter. Click E-Newsletter to subscribe to our free E-Newsletter.

The E-Newsletter contains what I believe to be one of the best articles that I have ever written. The article is entitled 31 Secrets To Succeed In 2007 And Beyond.

I’m going to Blog publish 1 Secret each day over the holiday season and on a selfish note, 31 secrets and 31 days will take me through to January 15th, 2007. This will give me the opportunity to take a Blog Holiday.

Happy Holidays from Laura & Simon