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3 Appointment Setting Strategies That Work in Any Economy

Are you ready for the new business world in 2023?

Is it worth taking the time to understand the difference between change and transition?

Are you on a waiting list for success?

Would it be worth investing 60 – 90 minutes of your time in regaining your energy, focus, and activity by learning 3 appointment setting strategies that work in any economy?

According to a recognized sales development report, it now takes an average of 18 dials to connect with a buyer.

An alarming study by Microsoft revealed that the human attention span had dropped to just eight seconds, compared to twelve in 2000.

With more and more content demanding attention in everyone’s day-to-day life, it can be challenging for financial advisors and insurance professionals to stay top of mind while competing with constant digital noise and fatigue.

It now takes double the amount of tries to connect with a buyer than it used to.

Would you like your prospects to embrace you as a recognized expert, so you don’t have to make 18 dials to connect with a buyer?

Have you felt your marketing has been a rollercoaster of inconsistent highs and lows with no actual written plan guiding you?

Are you ready to implement simple steps to get out of fear & overwhelm to create the spaciousness for you to attract new business and do what you love to do?

Would it make sense to remind yourself of the values that got you in the business in the first place to work with your clients to create a plan, grow assets, protect assets, save tax and build a legacy?

Join Simon Reilly of Leading Advisor for 3 Appointment Setting Strategies That Work in Any Economy to understand how to amplify your business through marketing and sales tactics in 2023.

I appreciate Simon’s coaching. At the start of our sessions, I was reluctant with my attitude. Reluctant that Simon would not deliver what he promised, that I would not learn something new and that I would not find and commit time to the homework. Not only has Simon met and exceeded my expectations in a short time, but I have had a change at my cellular level. The results have been tremendous.

Adam Solano
Lakeside Financial Group Grayslake, IL