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120 + Power Point Slides & Counting

I wound up with an air conditioner cold from lasts week’s plane trips. Recalling as I was sitting on the plane in deep concentration, wondering “why do I have a headache”? “Oh, it is because the air vent has been pointed at me on full and blowing cold air for the past 1 ?Ǭ? hours”. Silly me.

I’ve been working on the Retreat Preparation handouts, mind maps, power points and work books on Saturday & Sunday morning, all day and evening Monday and well into Tuesday and I am going mad.

I’ve been concentrating for so long I just want to pick up the phone and call someone – but I am staying the course.

4:30pm today will bring a much needed cycle.

These past few days are especially focusing as Laura is away at our niece’s graduation.

What is oh so cool about this time is I am testing out my theory about doing introverted activity all in one time block or go. Everything else is time blocked for future action – so no distractions other than the odd call and some Blogging.

An enormous amount of work has been created so it seems to working.

What is interesting about this Retreat Preparation is that it is one in the same for a number of different projects that include;

– A Special Pro-Seminars Workshop that is planned for late August
– Get Your September In Gear
– The Book
– Retreat January 2007

120 + Power Point Slides & Counting – Onward, Upward!

One significant thing about all of this – the best way to learn is to teach and what you practice in private, you will rewarded for in public.