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1000 New Financial Advisors!

Serendipity continues to work!! I’ve been working on reaching the person in charge of arranging the Advocis – Nanaimo Education Day for April. I picked up the phone to find out that they were going to be driving by my door in 15 minutes. In 15 minutes we had a great 15 minute face to face meeting and I believe that we have the opportunity.

Whew! Can you believe it we have booked 4 Gigs in the last 24 hours. Grande Prairie, Kitchener, Naniamo and Toronto! The word is out and we are starting to create a real buzz.

March & April are getting really booked up with speaking opportunities.

March 2 Freedom 55 Vancouver
March 7 Pro-Seminars Kitchener
March 8 Pro-Seminars Toronto
March 13 FM Financial Vancouver
March 20 Pro-Seminars Richmond
March 23 Pro-Seminars Saskatoon
April 3 Pro-Seminars London
April 5 Pro-Seminars Winnipeg
April 7 Advocis Nanaimo
April 24 Pro-Seminars Toronto
April 28 Advocis Kelowna

Halleluiah! Than means that in the next two months we are going to be speaking in front of 1000 new financial advisors.