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This assignment on boundaries will strengthen your consciousness and create more space and time for higher net worth clients!

When I work with clients, I work with them to create both a strong personal and business foundation. It isn’t possible to have one without the other.

Some coaches may work with their clients on time management, and while valid, time management is useless when a client has weak boundaries.

Here is an introduction to an assignment on boundaries which is one of the assignments that I provide my clients to create a strong personal and business foundation.

Boundaries are an imaginary line of protection that you draw around you.

This is done to protect you, your soul, and what’s important to you.

Your boundaries are more important to you than they might be to others, or what others might want what you have.

You cannot grow without boundaries.

However, you can learn how to design, implement and manage boundaries so that the process is effortless for you and for others.