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One Page Business Plan™ Corporate Workshop

Fact: Getting all of your Advisors’ brilliant ideas to move in the same direction can sometimes be like herding cats.

Do your Advisors:

  • Follow all kinds of different plans and to-do lists only to find that they are sometimes off course and not meeting their goals?
  • Constantly look for solutions to problems that seem so simple and obvious?
  • Feel like their practice is running them and can’t seem to get their time under control?
  • Take up an enormous amount of your time addressing the same issues that are symptoms of not having a business plan?
  • Have their own team of “rock stars” who can’t play a single song together?
  • Get bogged down in customer service that they should be delegating so that they can spend more time with their clients?
  • Run from client to client putting out fires?
  • Get exhausted by the treadmill of seminars and classes that don’t work?
  • Want personalized attention, for once?

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Schedule a complimentary telephone coaching session with Simon Reilly or call 250 248-6012

“In the past, I haven’t written a formal plan like the One Page Business Plan. I have thought of things I want to do but I haven’t necessarily put together the official steps to do it and the One Page Business Plan caused me to create clear and concise action steps.


Angela Houle, B.Acc., CFP, CLU, RHU
McAuley Financial Services/FundEX Investments

Ottawa, ON

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One Page Business Plan™ Corporate Workshop is the program that you need!

Here is an opportunity to:

  • Gather all of your Advisors in once place to master the business planning process
  • Create a cohesive plan for all of your Advisors
  • Form a team that is flexible and efficient
  • Set clear, achievable goals for every Advisor
  • Help your Advisors move to the next level in their performance

The One Page Business Plan™ Corporate Workshop includes:

  • Set of specific decisions – Ideas and plans specific to Advisors that will install the next set of disciplines to move your Advisors to the next level
  • LIVE One Page Business Plan™ Workshop – A full-day, personalized workshop that will energize your Advisors and increase their productivity
  • One Page Business Plans™ for everyone – Every one of your Advisors will have a completed One Page Business Plan™ at the end of the workshop
  • Time working with your Advisors – Getting your Advisors directly involved in a lively educational program can help build stronger relationships
  • One Page Business Plan™ Introductory Call – A call before the Workshop that will help each Advisor get their One Page Business Plan™ together before the workshop so we can dive right in
  • A one hour telephone debriefing call after the workshop – A one-on-one telephone debriefing call with Simon Reilly to review the workshop and proof and edit the final draft of the Advisor’s One Page Business Plan™
  • One-on-one coaching call prep form (automated)
  • Detailed personalized coaching call followup e-mails and recordings
  • Bi-weekly group coaching conference calls – Getting people together to solve problems and discuss opportunities is far more effective than one person alone

“I’m so blessed to have you in my life! It’s so great to have such an insightful and intelligent, gifted coach to help drive me and my business in the right direction. It’s always a pleasure having a phone meeting with you. Please find attached business plan, marketing plan and marketing letters for review.
Thanks again.


Glennis Deslippe, BSN, RHU, GBA

Integral Financial Services Inc.
Surrey, BC

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The One Page Business Plan™ Corporate Workshop also includes:

  • A constant relationship with Simon Reilly to educate, guide and keep your Advisors accountable for creating and acting upon their One Page Business Plan™
  • Special business planning system custom tailored to the financial advisor / investment advisor profession
  • A set of decisions that will install the next level of disciplines to take your Advisors’ businesses to the next level
  • Weekly Blogs – Information in a steady flow to keep you on track
  • Weekly e-mail progress report (automated) with reply if required – Automated to help your Advisors to stay accountable while preparing for the one-on-one and group coaching calls so there is no time wasted.
  • Weekly updates that include articles, questions and answers
  • Monthly e-newsletter – loaded with new and exclusive information for you
  • Articles, assignments and systems on creating a vision, business planning, time management, delegation, team building, cash flow management, consultative marketing, asking for referrals, the client engagement process – All of this information is exclusive to our Program members and no one else
  • Unlimited e-mail access to Simon Reilly
  • Unlimited telephone access to Simon Reilly ( calls are booked through Laura Reilly )
  • Downloads from our Knowledge Bureau – We have years of information to share

Are you ready to have a workshop that will finally move your Advisors to the next level?

Don’t wait, because your competition isn’t.

Schedule a complimentary telephone coaching session with Simon Reilly or call 250 248-6012

“The One Page Business Plan helped organize my vision, objectives, and strategies, and lay out a roadmap of what needs to be done in order for me to take my business to the next level. The template format made the development of my business plan a very simple process.


Michael A. Healey, B.A., CFP, RHU

ZLC Financial Group
Vancouver, BC

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Still unsure?

The One Page Business Plan™ Corporate Workshop is about you.

This workshop is about you creating the opportunity to have all of your Advisors have their own vision and plan for success.

Many Advisors are great, but don’t have a long-term plan that they can use to refer to when it is time to make decisions.

Get a One Page Business Plan™ workshop designed specifically for your Advisors.

Don’t waste time with another “one size fits all” seminar.

Find out how powerful working with a one-on-one coach can be for your Advisors.

Have fun learning how to make more money.

Know that every Advisor has an actual, cohesive plan.

Finally live your company’s values.

What are you waiting for?

Success does not knock on your door, opportunity does.

This is your opportunity.

Still unsure?

How about something for nothing to see if this is the program for you?

Here are 4 FREE tools that will convince you that this is the plan that will finally give you the success you need: