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Leading Advisor – Weekly Work Out Log Form

Client Instructions:

As your virtual business coach to help you to Clear Your Roadblocks I want to keep a pulse on your week-to-week accomplishments, both big and small. The benefit of which is – Building momentum on your strengths. I want to see your progress reports on the work-outs you’ve been doing. These are for you as well as me, so use them with enthusiasm and gusto…

NOTE: You must press the Submit button at the end of the form in order for the system to send Simon and yourself a copy of the WWOL.

Please note that you have 60 minutes to complete the form as the web site will time out in 60 minutes and you will lose your information if you do not complete the session and send it. Thanks for understanding – Simon

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Click the “Send Message” button above to submit your form. A copy will come to you at your email address.

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