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Inspired or Unmotivated?


If you don’t get your Inspiration right you may plan to get it wrong and be Unmotivated in the process.To help you to regain your Inspiration we have created The Inspirational Discovery Process.

90% of success is about Inspiration and 10% of success is about things like vision, plan, time management, team building, delegation, marketing and sales.

This includes a 30 minute interview with Laura Reilly, an Inspirational Assessment, and a  personalized 60 minute Inspirational Assessment Debriefing Call with Simon Reilly.

Adam Solano

Adam Solano
Lakeside Financial Group
Grayslake IL

“I appreciate Simon’s coaching. At the start of our sessions I was reluctant with my attitude. Reluctant that Simon would deliver what he promised, that I would learn something new and that I would find and commit time on the homework. Not only has Simon met and exceeded my expectations in a short period of time but I feel that I have had change at my cellular level. The results have been tremendous. Coaching with Simon has also been quite liberating. I appreciate the homework between sessions, it is not burdensome or confusing, and accelerates me through issues quickly and with understanding. I look forward to it now and our sessions. Simon and I have worked to the core, to the bottom line and I understand. Simon, his system, and his process – works.”


Create long-lasting and sustainable change in your financial advisor business.

Fix your problems, rid yourself of the emotions that are sabotaging your business, and deprogram yourself from negative emotional influences to create an elevated sense of consciousness and awareness.

Why is it that, while 90% of advisors have the best Practice Management resources available to them, they still struggle?

Could it be that 90% of advisors are using the same Practice Management recipe book that has been used for the last hundred years?

Are you ready for something new that is going to help you create long-lasting and sustainable change in your business?

  • Feeling lost because of your lack of vision for the future?
  • Feeling inadequate because you either don’t have a business plan or, if you do, you have not looked at your business plan in months?
  • Feeling unhappy with your production?
  • Feeling frustrated by being pulled in too many directions at once?


Carla Hirsch

Carla Hirsch
District Manager Saskatchewan and Manitoba
The Co-operators
Regina, SK

“Simon’s coaching is honest and direct. He challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone. The coaching made me reflect on myself as a person and things, events, actions, circumstances that became the sum of me that I wasn’t facing. Simon gave me the tools to stop reacting. I can now sit back and reflect before I take action. I don’t need to move 100 miles an hour in order to be effective for myself as an individual or as a manager. I have the right to slow down and be quiet with myself to make sure that I’m the best version of me before I go out into the big wide world.”


Are you ready to wake up and fix your problems and rid yourself of the emotions that are sabotaging your business?

Cognitive dissonance is the term used to describe the feeling of discomfort that results from conflicting attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, unmet needs and/or values. It can occur in many areas of life but it can become particularly uncomfortable when one’s values conflict with one’s behavior. For example, let’s assume being liked is important to you and you hire someone whom you get along with but the person is under qualified, they continue to show up late and make the same mistakes over and over again. This creates an internal conflict so, as we struggle to maintain cognitive consistency, we adapt our behavior to restore harmony.

Your business is already a mystery filled with change and unpredictability without unknowingly experiencing the compounding affects of cognitive dissonance.

Under the affects of cognitive dissonance, while you may think you are working in and on your business, really, you are not. You are distracted by problems and emotions driven by conflicting attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, unmet needs and/or values. This drains you of valuable energy which causes exhaustion and disappointment; exhaustion and disappointment cause low self-esteem which is often accompanied by the self-defeating words of “What’s the use? I quit.”

I’m here for those of you who don’t want to quit; for those of you who want to get out of denial and the trance of doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

I’m here for those of you that want to get out from under the illusion of looking for something new.


Sheila Venables

Sheila Venables
Group One Planning Solutions
Kelowna, BC

“When I first started coaching with Simon I thought it was going to be more about business, routine and scheduling. It’s very interesting because 100% of the coaching was on unmet needs and me as a person, as a businessperson. There’s so much to deal with before you can even get to your business. I had no idea, and I cannot believe the growth. I’m all of a sudden stepping up my business and having fun again which brings fulfillment. I’m busier and more clients are coming in. I’m staying longer at the office because I want to and it’s creating more work. I’m being mindful of every single moment so that I come from integrity and do what I say I’m going to do. I’m being conscious of my health and everything in my office is in order.”


Take Leading Advisor’s Inspirational Discovery Process.

It’s available in three different ways to meet your budget requirements but this offer isn’t available to everyone; it will sell out because it is offered to a limited number of financial advisors.

What’s Included?

  • 30 minute interview with Laura to discuss your strengths and the areas that you want to strengthen in your business and personal lives
  • Inspirational Assessment
  • 60 minute Inspirational Assessment Debriefing call via GoToMeeting with Simon Reilly

What if the Leading Advisor’s Inspirational Discovery Process doesn’t work?

This process is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! I know the strategies I am sharing with you will work. However, if after 30 days of payment you are not completely satisfied, let me know and I will refund your complete investment. If you’re not happy, I’m not happy.

The Leading Advisor’s Inspirational Discovery Process will help you

  • Make more money
  • Create a plan and take more focused action
  • Delegate more
  • Spend more time in front of clients and prospects
  • Work with higher net worth clients
  • Ask for and receive more referrals
  • Eliminate procrastination


Bruce Beaty
Bruce Beaty
Vice President of Sales
Legacy Alliance Inc.
Petaluma, CA

“Simon has given me strategies to become more aware of what my drivers are so that I can be more in control of my actions. I’m more organized and much more enthusiastic about the planning process and can already see the fruits of that labor. This mindset will help me double my production next year.