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Values & Behaviors Based Team Building Workshop

Team Building WorkshopLeading Advisor has an outstanding Values & Behaviors Based Team Building Workshop that also integrates Communication, Customer Service, Management and Sales.We have successfully delivered our Team Building Workshop to the following fine companies; FM Financial, Global TV, Integral Financial, The News Group ( A member of the Jim Pattison Group of Companies ) and WorldLux.




The one – day workshop includes:

  • A needs analysis meeting prior to the workshop date customized to your requirements
  • A 37 page Values & Behaviors Assessments for each of your attendees
  • A review of all team members assessments with you in advance of the workshop to identify assessments where there are significant challenges
  • One-Day “Values & Behaviors Based Team Building” workshop
  • 2 – 3  1 hour telephone follow up/debriefing sessions 30/60/90 days after completion

The “Values & Behaviors Based Team Building” workshop’s unique approach uses Assessments enabling your Supervisors and Managers to identify essential Team Building Values & Behaviors.

A.  “Values” are WHY you approach your business and personal goals – therefore what Motivates your Behavior.

B.   “Behaviors” are HOW you are currently taking action towards your business and personal


Most people in business are not aware of the “Values” that are required to be a success in today’s business world.  They may not fully understand the source of what Motivates them. Therefore they may have inconsistent “Behaviors” in taking action towards their personal and business goals. At the end of the day they experience: conflict, inconsistency, lack of motivation and even worse, unfulfilled business and personal lives.

One of the main reasons that Teams have inconsistency in; Customer/Employee Communication, Conflict Resolution, Decision Making, Management Strategies and Motivation Strategies is that they do not understand their own Values and Behaviors so how can they understand anyone else?

There are many Behaviors Assessments on the market.

One can assess Behaviors all day long and without the understanding of Why a person is Behaving a certain way, or more importantly what the Values are of the person that is Behaving a certain way, there cannot be complete understanding.

In my opinion, the only reason that people have conflict is because they do not understand their own Values & Behaviors and they do not understand the Values & Behaviors of others.

Understanding versus Judgment

When there is no understanding, there is judgment. When there is judgment, there is no understanding. Judgment and no understanding is a venomous breeding ground for the fear based insane ego mind to look for differences and fault.

The fear based ego judges and sees fault because of its need to feel right about itself (values) or what it is doing (behaviors) and the fear based ego’s only viewpoint is its own self and as no concept of others.

The fear based ego does this because of its need to feel safe and to feel in control.  What is disconcerting is, it is only the fear based ego that perpetuates the belief that it is unsafe and out of control.

At the core, when the fear based ego sees others that are different (values) and who do things differently (behaviors) then its needs of safety and control feel threatened and rather than understand, the fear based ego judges and attacks to preserve its fear based self because anything else would mean a lack of control.

One cannot control people, they can only understand.

The Values & Behaviors Assessments give on the tools to build a healthy ego.

In my opinion the Values Assessments are the missing link in the assessment process and all Team Building, Communication, Customer Service and Sales.

The Values & Behaviors Assessments can also be used to Benchmark the Positions in your company.

Values Based Team Building

What Is More Important – The Right Values or The Right Skills?

For years, the corporate world has been asking for people with good skills and work experience.  However, the rules have changed.  Employers now are focusing on how they can recruit the right employees, retain them and motivate them to achieve their maximum potential.

  • What is a Value?

A value is a mental position, a feeling or an emotional response to your environment that causes you to value certain experiences, people and activities and causes you to devalue others.  It is a passion, a world view you have that was formed by genetics and your life experiences. You see the world through the window of your values.

  • Why Learn About Values?

Building a positive attitude toward yourself and others starts with understanding your own values, and how they propel you into action. People often lack the words to articulate why they do what they do, or why they feel the way they feel.  When applying the principles in this workshop, individuals will understand why they make the decisions they make, and why conflicts can arise.  They will see why others view the world differently and value different things in life. Values open an individual’s eyes to a new understanding of themselves and the people around them.

  • The Six Values

Theoretical                A passion for the discovery of truth.  The aim in life for a theoretical person is knowledge for knowledge sake.

Utilitarian                 A passion to gain return on investment of time, resources and talent.

Aesthetic                   A passion to experience the impressions of the world and achieve form and harmony and balance in all areas of like.

Social                         A passion to eliminate hate and conflict in the world and to assist others in becoming all they can be.

Individualistic           A passion to achieve position and to use that position to affect and influence others.

Traditional                 A passion to seek out and pursue the higher meaning of life and achieve a system for living.

Benefits of Values Based Team Building

  • Understand your own drives and passions.
  • Be able to recognize others’ values, and be able to see the world through their eyes.
  • Communicate with others according to their values, you will powerfully motivate them to action.
  • Appreciate the differences in each of us, learning to value positively instead of judging negatively.
  • Understand the causes of conflict and be able to diffuse the situation.
  • Experience a power of communication beyond what you ever thought possible.

Seminar Objectives

  • Understand each value and the interactions of each one.
  • Know which values drive your life, actions and decisions.
  • Understand others’ viewpoints and be able to interact convincingly by seeing the world through their eyes.
  • Recognize and appreciate others’ values.

Values – The Missing Link

Every organization spends time and money on training and development. This workshop will develop employees’ knowledge about themselves and how to communicate with others. Understanding why people do what they do opens up a whole new level of understanding and communicating.  When employees learn where other employees are coming from, they begin to see each others’ behavior from a different viewpoint.  Every employer should know the “why” and the “how” of every employee. Values (Why) plus Behaviors (How) leads to powerful communication, understanding and decision making for your life.

Behaviors Based Team Building

In One Day Participants Will Be Understanding and Applying Behavior

  • Effective Communication

Behaviors Based Team Building is a behaviorally-based communication seminar. It teaches people how to communicate using Behavioral language as a way of understanding themselves and others.  The seminar incorporates a behavioral assessment to give a more complete understanding of what Behaviors are, and how to use them.  Employees learn how to interact with others and to appreciate others’ behavioral styles within the organization.  Increased communication is noticed immediately after the seminar.

Effective communication stems from the right combination of tone of voice, words, body language and pace of speech and actions. These four areas are the components of a person’s behavioral style.  We need to adapt our behavior in order to communicate effectively with others.  Using the techniques contained in this seminar, organizations can immediately open the doors of communication within the entire company.

Why Learn About Behavior?

Learning about a behavioral model will help a person to better understand themselves and others, enhancing personal and professional relationships. An understanding of behavior will accomplish the following:

  • Increased Understanding of Self
  • Increased Understanding of Others
  • Increased Communication
  • Increased Productivity
  • Decreased Tension

Seminar Objectives

At the end of this seminar the participants will:

  • Understand their behavioral design.
  • Recognize, understand and appreciate others’ behavioral designs.
  • Adapt for enhanced communication, understanding and relationships.

Behaviors Based Team Building Leads to Continuous Improvement

Behavior is the doorway to communication.  The use of it creates win/win relationships. Your behavioral design is the combination of four adaptable factors.  The behavioral model is universally proven to provide applications for improvement in the following areas:

  • Communication
  • Sales
  • Team Building
  • Social Relationships
  • Job Selection
  • Customer Service
  • Career Planning
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Telemarketing
  • Personalized Report

Behaviors Based Team Building incorporates a personalized Behaviors report.  This personalized report enhances the behavioral training by using each individual’s style to teach about Behaviors.  After the seminar, an individual can read through the report in order to completely understand his/her behavior.

  • Immediate Results

Behaviors Based Team Building participants leave the seminar energized and ready to apply the knowledge gained.  Employers begin to see the positive changes immediately after the seminar.  People will realize that differences are good and can be used effectively to make an organization successful.

Participants do not stop learning when the seminar is over.  Their Behaviors Assessment will allow them to continually learn about their behavior style and in turn improve their communication skills.  The benefits of this seminar are endless.