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Breakthrough! – How To Breakthrough “The Plateauing Out Syndrome”! E-Book, PowerPoint

Financial Advisor Training - How to Breakthrough!

Have you managed to maintain the same levels of production through recent events?

Are you struggling to figure out how to “grow” your business in real terms?

“The Plateauing Out Syndrome” was coined by the members of The Million Dollar Round Table. With the advent of “The New Normal” contributing to clients taking longer and longer to make decisions, Breaking Through “The Plateau” seems more daunting than ever.

For some, the pace of business isn’t what it used to be contributing to thoughts like, “is this all there is?”, and “what am I doing this for?”, and “what is the use?”

“When there is understanding, there is no judgment. When there is judgment, there can be no understanding or inspiration”.

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