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What’s Your Ugly? Testimonials from Insurance Network America – Boise, Idaho – September 10, 2012

I enjoyed the One Page Business Plan presentation. I need to put myself first so that I can help my clients. I also need to write down my plan.”
Bill Smith
Bill Smith Wealth Management, LLC

I liked the simplicity and approach of the plan.”
Allan Jensen
Insurance Professor

Simon talked about the freedom of knowing our limiting beliefs and committing to pushing through them. We received a free offer of valuable material including the One Page Business Plan.”
Jeff Cornilles

I liked the specific action plans, focus with redirection, and focusing on referrals with an achievement review. We received the business plan curriculum.”
Dennis McCormack
McCormack Insurance Strategies

“Simon helped me take a hard look at myself and my faults. The One Page Business Plantakes the analysis and details to the nth degree, which is the easy part. The trick is to keep it simple; you are more apt to practice if it’s simple.”
Greg Russell

“Simon was powerful, enthusiastic and believable.”
Aedren Rutledge

“I enjoyed the time management portion of the presentation. I realized that after 40 years in the business I have never had a plan.”
Tim Swedhund
Swedhund & Associates Inc.

“The presentation had useful information. I received affirmation of techniques that I have used successfully in the past.”
Don Ruzicka
Medisave Account Management

“The information was very good. It gave me some direction to begin to focus on our future. Simon had good energy! He had insight on values and unmet needs and how they influence our belief systems – it’s so important to know ourselves. Thanks!”
Don Mathern
Insurance Specialists, LLC

“I enjoyed Simon’s energy and ideas. He made it easy. There was a lot of information and action plans; it wasn’t just fluff.”
Jamie Allee
Allee Agency Inc.

“There were several ideas I liked: fulfill yourself from the inside out, Mondays are sacred, and week 1 to 4 planning. You have to be connected with yourself. Unmet needs drive negative beliefs and negative emotions.”
Tara Tandrow
Premier Insurance

“It made me think… quiet our minds and take action. Thank you!  It’s important to make time for yourself. Increased professionalism creates a great referral system.”
Gary Orton
Orton Insurance

“I enjoyed Simon’s energy. He spoke a lot about what I wanted to implement in my office.”
Leslea Moore
A&A Insurance Co. Ltd.

“Simon was open, honest and to the point. He hit the nail on the head when he talked about what people think but don’t say out loud.”
Gwen King
Wells Fargo

“It gave me hope that I can create a plan to achieve my goals. We received free assistance to implement the change because I cannot continue my current path!”
Paul Von Rueden
Von Rueden & Associates

“Simon had a fresh and different approach. We received items to help with simplifying the business plan.”
Chuck Noel

“The presentation was simple and to the point. We received an offer to provide help at no cost.”
Chris Jacobson

“Very motivational. I got a lot of great ideas, in particular on how to plan my time. The business plan will be hung on my office wall. Thanks. It’s important to stay upbeat; clients can tell when you’re not up to your game.”
Steven Badger
HBS Insurance

“Simon had good ideas that I can put to use immediately. My motivation and inspiration is renewed.”
Elise Ann Daniel
Daniel Insurance

“I liked Simon’s emotion. It’s important to take your time to plan and Simon confirmed that my planning is correct.”
April L. Howard
Howard Insurance Agency Inc.

“I enjoyed the talk about how to work and set up your week, and getting rid of C & D clients.”
Dawna Aragon
Insurance Network

“Simon validated some of my current practices. He simplified the planning process. I liked the free content!”
Jeff Waddington

“I enjoyed Simon’s enthusiasm. He explained desires and unfulfilled needs, habits and disciplines, strategies and plans, the sales goals of the business – business plan, and getting the courage to request referrals by asking what the clients like best.”
Christy Diehl
Missouri Dental Insurance Services

“The best part of the presentation was when Simon talked about the power of No! We received access to more help.”
Karrin Archer
Archer Benefits

“Simon reminded me that clearing the mind to focus on future work will produce great results. We received a new concept on the one page business plan.”
Roscoe Orton
Orton Insurance

“You made everything simple. I didn’t know what to expect.”
Daniel L. Lamb
Term Team

“Enjoyed the presentation and the possibility of putting a One Page Business Plan together.”
Rodney N. Matthews
Matthews Financial Resources, LLC

“I am between 30% and 50% at my stage of life. My business continues to grow but I have more to do, business succession is one of them. Thanks for bringing this to the top of my list. I need to and now know how to clear my mind. I got some ideas for my staff. I have never before heard a speaker from Canada.”
Larry E. Abbe
Abbe Insurance

“I liked the structure. I see opportunities to grow but have gotten by and am occupied with a lot of details. This is the beginning of change – the second piece of the puzzle for change.”
Alan Bryan
Insurance Strategies, Inc.

“Simon got to the core of our barriers. We received a variety of tools and notes.”
Marc Riddich
Neil – Garing Agency