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What’s Your Ugly Speaking Testimonials from Equitable Life Leaders Conference – Paradise Island, The Bahamas – April 20, 2012

Touching base with our consciousness theme. I have a new action plan.”
Margaret Janecki

I like the idea of building around what you are doing that works and what you need to be doing, with a focus on the team and no B and C clients.
Kathleen van den Berg
Equitable Life

The presentation was good and I enjoyed your energy. I do the A, B, C, and D client segmentation but it is still a good review.
R. Wayne Gray

We received an easy template business plan process. I liked the potential demonstrated in the website action steps.”
Adrian Boyko
Equitable Life

I liked the vision and mission plan and we received the action plans.”
Tina Ho
Assetplus Financial Services Inc.

The presentation got me thinking – I wrote down questions and points. I expected to get some ideas and got them.”
Russ Smart
IDC Insurance Direct Canada Inc.

I enjoyed the idea that running a business is art not science. The presentation provided good reviews and practical methods.”
Dawn Zhou

I received some great planning ideas. I enjoyed how straightforward the presentation was.
Ken Steele
KS Financial Solutions

It was an informative presentation and we received the vision statement.
Michael Esmailzadeh
MAE World Financial Services Inc.