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The Understanding Disclosure and The Inspirational Tipping Point Speaking Testimonials from Portfolio Strategies, Kelowna, BC, September 10, 2014

Great pace and tempo – it was articulate but fun. I liked the non-confrontational wake-up call. It was a reminder of why I am in this business and what I love about it! And a reminder of the power of well thought out & properly written scripts to ensure what I plan to say is in face what I say.
David Grundy
Portfolio Strategies

Your energy was great! I love to learn the side of the business that builds relationships with my clients. I truly believe it’s the most important part of my business. I didn’t expect such a great way to connect with my clients.”
Katherine Mundorf
Abacus Wealth Management

Interesting and fun to listen to. Different views on Disclosure. I didn’t expect to learn that success is not achievable until an advisor feels he deserves it and he’s worth it.
Bruce Loeppky
Portfolio Strategies

It got me thinking about my business and what needs improving. Simon peaked my interest to learn more.
Randy Padlesky
Portfolio Strategies

Simon made is so easy for me to see where I can make the improvements in my own practice; he added excitement and accurate issues to address at this conference.
Trevor Bernes
Abacus Wealth Management Inc.

I liked the script and the inspiration/motivation comparison.
Robert Castles
Portfolio Strategies

Simon’s presentation was clear, specific and valuable. I left with clarity, a direction and a system.”
David Schumacher
Portfolio Strategies

Simon’s enthusiasm and the explanation of motivation versus inspiration/doing versus being was great.
Lisa Lyttle
Portfolio Strategies Corporation

I liked Simon’s passion. He taught clear direction on how to show the client the value I add.
John Feldcher
Portfolio Strategies

Simon talked about motivation compared to inspiration which is a theme and value I attempt to apply to my business and branch. I liked the fact that your business values and process were in alignment with our own.”
Lee Schmidt
Portfolio Strategies Corporation

It was a very detailed presentation, and Simon offered great, concise scripts that I can use now in my business.”
Andy Thackray
Portfolio Strategies

I enjoyed how you make things into a process. I now have an understanding of the importance of surveying clients.
Richard Pyper
RSP Consulting

I liked the enthusiasm and the approach to inspiration rather than motivation.
Lawrence Gerritsen
Portfolio Strategies

I’m interested to learn more about your products. I liked learning the difference between motivation and inspiration.”
Taylor Zimmerman
Abacus Wealth Management