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The Six Degrees of Life Insurance Connection Speaking Testimonials from NAIFA – La Vista, NE – May 10, 2012

I can’t wait to get the brief emailed to me. The analogy of Christmas Past and It’s a Wonderful Life were powerful. I understand the importance of adding my ‘parable’.”
Todd Gaswick
First Command

Excellent presentation with practical material. I really liked the hard copy example of the referral card.”
David Meyer
Sentio Executives, LLC

I liked Simon’s passion, enthusiasm, energy and personal life story! Thank you! Simon showed how values really do matter to my practice and helped me to recognize them and set goals and create a vision!
Brandy Barrett
Western Insurors

Practical, useable information and Simon provided us with referral assistance.
Brian Phares
Phares Financial Services

I liked your passion. I also really like your concept of getting yourself and your values right so we can better ourselves and our business. I was motivated to really look inside and get rid of the ‘stinkin thinkin’!
Josh Sirek
Town & Country Insurance

Great ideas. I needed this! I didn’t expect to hear about how to get referrals.
Susan Hilton
Harry A. Koch Co.

Simon opened my mind up to being a whole person, to be my best at working with my clients. It was a lot of information in a short amount of time.
Cory Kruse
State Farm

It was good motivation and helped me to recognize my weak areas.
Becky Manning
Thrivent Financial For Lutherans

I enjoyed hearing the 60-second elevator speech and referral talk. There were many great ideas!
Nate Larsen
John Hancock

“I liked the way Simon acknowledged unmet needs and focused on values.”
Stephanie Brock

Simon made me look at my values and list them. I should start the day off looking at my values and goals and I should have a story. We received the makings of a 5 year business plan and the idea of working on referrals.
Lynette Krie
Farm Bureau Financial Services

The ideas were simple to implement for anyone. I liked the business ideas and beliefs listed on the referral card – it’s a great marketing idea.
Carol Wemhoff
Farm Bureau Financial Service

I liked the values/feelings connection, understanding how closely values are intertwined in our products and can be described as such. Simon brings a passion to our industry.
Brian Boesiger
Benefit Management

“The referrals discussion, with email followup and referral card, were spot on! Thank you. ”
Tanya Patzner
State Farm Insurance

I liked the 6 degrees connection and reviewing my values.”
Paula Harris 
Financial Network

The presentation was concise and meaningful and I enjoyed the concept of a ‘parable’.
Carol A. Anderson
Curves Financial Group

I liked the business card idea and the thoughts about unmet needs and how those can affect your success in the business.”
Maureen Gotch Vinton
Mass Mutual

I enjoyed Simon’s passion and how passion is linked to success in both business and personal life! An authentic story of success and failure and the story behind it! Openness on how to be successful.
Paul F. Koehler
Strategic Solutions Wealth Mgt.

It was a great approach to goal setting, 5 year planning and overcoming fear in business.
Brian Leichner
Pro Source Insurance

Valuable ideas and suggestions and I liked going over unmet needs and finding your values. I didn’t realize this would go over self esteem and confidence – why you need to bring that to your clients.
Abby Vosika
American National Insurance

I liked the elevator speech card and hearing about our true values.
Clarence Cunningham
Cunningham Insurance

It was interesting to find out about the human side of how and why you become successful. I enjoyed Simon’s enthusiasm on something I struggle with. I received humanity; get your needs met and follow your values.”
Connie Gibb

Simon helped me to understand how a written set of values will expand my business. I liked the idea for the elevator speech, cards and revamping my standard elevator speech.
John Keeley
Principal Financial Group

It was thought provoking and put a few things into perspective. I need to write out a business plan and break my goals down to quarterly numbers.”
Travis Langemeier

I liked the ideas of building self esteem and belief and how to achieve them. You gave us free aids which I’m sure are just the tip of the iceberg but important also.”
Steve Tando
Tuzson Financial Group

I liked the step-by-step process and the simplicity; it’s something I can use right away in my practice.
Al Stelling
Farm Bureau Financial Services