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The One Page Business Plan Speaking Testimonials from Advocis Hamilton, ON, January 14, 2014

“It was a simple approach to creating a business plan and it stressed the importance of delegation. I found a new way of looking at the practice planning process and separating motivation and inspiration.”

Rob Penson
R.W. Penson Financial

“The Point Click Plan makes common sense. It was clarity for a reasonable price. I like the energy from Simon. His presentation had information that contained systems.”
Robert Henson
Mason Financial Services

“It was motivating and something that I can use now.”
Tracy Lennon
TM Lennon Financial Services

“I liked the passion and energy and ‘write it down!’ ”
Henry Kielar
Standard Life

“Simon’s presentation resonated with me on all points. I felt that I was not alone in key feelings of ‘inadequacy’. I felt understood!”
Martin Maretzki
Ax/Iz Financial Solutions Inc.

“The presentation had a message, energy and motivation.”
Nelson Melo
Nelson Melo & Associates

“It’s an action plan that I can use for my annual plan.”
Diana Tuszynski
The Benefits Edge Insurance Services Limited

“I liked the whole presentation and the One Page Business Plan information.”
Ajai Tewari
Freedom 55 Financial

“Very diversified presentation.”
Charlie Singh
The Cooperators

“I’ve had heard many coaches. Simon makes sense. He has good ideas and suggestions on Regulation.”
Chris Barrett
Freedom 55

“It was a BFO – Blinding Flash of the Obvious as to how to conduct client meetings.”
Jane Capell
DFS Independent Network

“I liked that you can have a one page business plan and “90% is why, understanding makes the difference” and the fact that visions keep you moving forward.”
Lori Dawson
Lori Dawson Financial