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The Inspirational Tipping Point Testimonials from Pro Seminars London and Toronto, ON – November 19 & 20, 2013

“Simon had a larger strategy for action plans instead of a seminar on a product. I liked the list of key concepts – Inspiration Values, Sustainable Vision and Thriving.”
Cory Wright
Gallivan & Associates

“The presentation was relative to my current business.”
Bob Marshall
RW Marshall Financial Services Inc.

“It was good to be refreshed and Simon’s presentation enhanced  what had been achieved since our working together.”
Bob Vaughan
Vaughan & Associates

“I liked understanding the difference between motivation and inspiration. There was vision as to why I’m not growing and what services I’m trying to provide and what’s the value plus not providing solutions but putting out fires.”
Chris Kardash
HSBI Benefits

“It was a different way of viewing the difference between motivation and inspiration. You need both.”
Margrett Blunt

“Simon’s presentation re-confirms some of my processes – what you conceive and believe you can achieve! It was a valuable reminder to continually update your value propostion.”
W. Coupland
W. Coupland & Associates

“I liked that Simon was straight forward and relatable. I received the knowledge of having to better know myself to understand whether I am motivated or inspired and the need for self awareness.”
Patrick Kocmiel
The Co-operators

“I liked the concept of a One Page Business Plan and that you need a defined thought process with clear intent and purpose.”
George C. Iovankas
Desjardins Insurance

“It was a great presentation with helpful information.”
Stephen Zaba

“It was a reminder to take the time to have 2014 and for 5 year vision prepared by January 1, 2014. I liked the reference for clarification regarding judgment, defense, doubt and fear.”
P. Wemple
Total Concept Insurance Limited

“It was eye-opening, a heart- starter and very engaging – Thank you! It was a vision to work on improving for 2014.”
Kim Wagner
TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators

“Simon is very uplifting. I discovered knowing the difference between motivation and inspiration.”
Dawood Salam
Forum Tax Services