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The Inspirational Tipping Point Testimonials from Pro Seminars Calgary and Edmonton, AB – Oct 21 and 23, 2013

“I liked the back to basics and understanding. It was enlightening and enthusiastic and a strong reminder about inspirational values.”
Tim Pinkoski
Richardson GMP

“Good reminder of values based business conduct. I liked Simon’s story.”
Mary Preston
Investors Group

“It was simple, straight forward and thought provoking!”
Greg Panchyshyn
Investors Group

“I discovered how to focus again as I did before.”
Rudy Lamadrid

“I liked the energy. It was positive and focused on the practice.”
Michael Kolodnicki
TD Wealth

“I found out I’m spending too much time in the safety zone and on time management. Simon has a different approach to managing business. He is short and to the point.”
George Roach

“Simon’s presentation was very clear and easy to pay attention to. I learned how to use my brain better to benefit my business and personal life.”
Bryce Wandler
Sun Life

“I liked the explanation of motivation vs inspiration, unmet needs vs. values etc. It helps me see myself in this business more clearly. I have a better picture of my reasons of existence in this business.”
Kit Koon