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The Inspirational Tipping Point Testimonials from NAIFA Washington Fall Symposium 2013, September 20, 2013

“The presentation took a unique path to the heart of creating performance. I even found a breakthrough in talking about introductions with clients.”
Cory Shepherd
Sound Financial Group

“I didn’t expect the business and action plan part of the presentation. It was useful information, and I will continue to use a one page business plan. I also liked the values and behaviors assessment.”
Alex McCay
Sound Financial Group

“I liked understanding that motivation is generally negative and unsustainable. Inspiration is what sets you up. I didn’t anticipate that I would change the way I think about myself. ”
Michael S. Wehner
Principal Financial Group

“It was a reminder to focus on the little details – tracking. Who are the clients I intend to track? I found the presentation practical and useful.”
Nick Thorsvig
Principal Financial Group

“It was very inspirational NOT motivational! I discovered structures to quantify analytics of one’s values system, thus being able to track overall efficiency in one’s practice.”
Jonathan Heras
Sound Financial Group

“I learned that if I am going to grow I need to focus on myself and the difference between values & motivation and inspiration.”
Ben Bear

“It was an energetic and valuable presentation – captivating!”
Kevin Gleiur

“I enjoyed the inspiration vs. motivation and reinforcing the need to set goals, create action plans and get help and monitor over time.”
Neal Kloke
Kloke Financial Services

“I liked when Simon talked about removing focus from fears, defense and unmet needs and the need to constantly empty your mind.”
Zach Meissner
Pacific Capital Resource Group

“Simon spoke like one of us – he knew the jargon and understands our challenges. I had revelations and insights that stirred me.”
Richard Ek

“What value it gave me – Aha moments! I liked the importance of values and inspiration vs. motivation.”
Maria Lutz
Sound Financial Group

“Good checklist – revealing. I liked the concise review of solid principles.”
Tom Fowler
The Fowler Group

“Interesting point on what holds us back and the concepts of taking time out to focus and then schedule/time/plan.”
Alan R. Zalewski
Grow Services Northwest

“It reminded me of my strengths and to improve things. I need to make my time more valuable. I found simple but direct benefits for growth.”
James E. Mitchell
Mitchell Tax & Financial Services

“I was confident that I would receive/value and I wasn’t disappointed.”
Deborah Wakefield
New York Life

“I liked the concept of understanding ourselves at a new level, 10% what and 90% why, and the difference between inspiration and motivation. I also liked the concept of ‘expanding’ your comfort zone.”
Jeff Johnston
Johnston Insurance

“I learned that motivation is different than inspiration and in order to maintain growth requires inspiration.”
Ralph Van Winkle
Van Winkle Insurance Group Inc.

“I received great ideas for my business that I can implement right away.”
Valerie LaRoque
Cornerstone Financial Group

“It brought me back to the passion of our business!”
Jim Scott
Waddell & Reed

“I discovered things to work on that will help me be more successful. I liked the examples to specific definitions around the exercises we did.”
Tamara Ellington
Nationwide Insurance

“I realized that unfulfilled needs hold me back and learned that understanding success + failure = reasons behind them.”
Alexander Collins
Pacific Capital Resource Group

“I liked the overall focus and relation to NAIFA member work.”
Selena Rushton
SMR Consulting

“Great presentation in motivating me for my 3-5 year plan and I’ve been in business for over 20 years – thanks!”
D. Michael Dean
Thrivent Financial For Lutherans