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The Inspirational Tipping Point Testimonials from NAIFA Spokane CE Day, March 18, 2015

“I felt like Simon was speaking directly to me. I liked the humor and personal feelings implemented in the talk. I have greater insight into myself, a needed change of myself and my thought process.”

Randy R. Kimm
Randy Kimm Insurance

“Simon’s presentation was full of content and kept moving. I liked the psychological/behavioral portion. I didn’t expect to receive the offer of the newsletters and values system with a focus on planning.”

Craig Weipert
NW Farmer-Stockman

“I have been looking for a way to evaluate my business. I have been waiting for this since the NAIFA State Convention.”

Craig Ambacher
Ambacher Insurance

“I appreciated Simon’s honesty and understanding. I didn’t expect to receive the offer of the information on the business plan and my evaluation.”

James F. Starr
Starr Investments

“Simon has a great ability to communicate. Having been a former participant of Strategic Coach, it was a great refresher. I never set expectations in advance of meetings I attend, so everything I heard was unexpected!”

Tony Ashton
AFG Brokerage

“Simon was very pragmatic and self-reflective. I am glad I came to hear you. I had expected more of a hyped presentation. I was glad to be disappointed – Simon was so sincere.”

Paul Olsen
Olsen Insurance Services

“The presentation made me remember to update my plan. Everything was great.”

Curt Fackler
Better Health Together

“I loved Simon’s advice on referrals and the information about the amygdala. He had great marketing ideas.”

McKinley Romero
Northwest Insurance Professionals

“I enjoyed the entire presentation. Simon had a number of ideas regarding to-dos and referrals.”

Frank Skaw
CPS Reliable Financial Group

“There was very good detail on human improvement, and good science on thinking and behaviors.”

Steve Watterson
Principal Financial Group

“I enjoyed the explanation of what/how unmet needs can control a person’s life, and the definitions of values, mission, and objectives.”

Carmela Merchant
Northwest Mutual

“There was more information on the One Page Business Plan, and there were insights on ideas to use in doing and asking for reviews with my clients.”

David M. Bailey
Knights of Columbus