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The Inspirational Tipping Point Testimonials from NAIFA Mt Diablo Sales Congress, March 20, 2015

“I enjoyed hearing the core questions to ask and how they improve your finances and best fit your clients, and understanding the mindset of clients.”

Howard Tank
Knights of Columbus

“I liked Simon’s presence and energy! Simon discussed the distinction of motivation and inspiration. It is so clear the importance of ‘knowing thyself’ by learning your values/being to sustain productivity. When Simon started with the client interview questions, I was pleasantly surprised with the direction he took.”

Irma Romero
Quick Learning School

“I enjoyed Simon’s enthusiasm, knowledge, understanding and humor, and the Roadblocks Scorecard.”

Edward Sanders

“I particularly enjoyed Simon’s discussion on how knowing the psychology of yourself and clients is important – always start with the ‘why,’ and the different styles of the mind, and the clients wants and needs.”

Harry Hartman
Harry Hartman Insurance Services

“Simon brought some areas to my attention that I have not thought about in a long time, and I liked the Scorecard. I had some good laughs. Great presentation.”

Ernestine Cohn

“I liked learning about the process and motivation versus inspiration. I learned about the proper thought process that makes success a reality.”

Edward Dantes
Knights of Columbus

“The presentation was high energy and had great content with a focus on values… the ‘why.'”

Todd Friedman

“I liked Simon’s personality and his knowledge of the how the mind works.”

Luke Peterson
Mass Mutual

“I enjoyed the psychological perspective. Simon had good ideas on consultative questions.”

Kim Smith
Mass Mutual

“I enjoyed Simon’s energy and enthusiasm, and his discussion on 90% emotion/10% logic.”

Eric Gross
Mass Mutual

“Simon suggested a unique way of dealing with clients.”

Frankie Ross
Principal Financial Group