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The Inspirational Tipping Point Testimonials from NAIFA DuPage Sales Congress February 26, 2015

“You are very engaging in many ways. Great information that others don’t communicate.”
David Frolicstein
Frolicstein Financial Inc.

“Simon had great energy, content and presentation style. It was relevant to everyone in the business.”
Paul Karasik
The Business Institute

“Simon related to my current situation. He made me aware that I’m Doing and not Being.”
Adam Solano
Lakeside Financial Group

“I realize that procrastination is holding me back, and I need to address the points that are holding me back. I need to organize and take action one step at a time and remove the overwhelm.”
Michael Sheg
New York Life

“I liked the affirmation of ‘whatever you think you make real,’ with the Maslow hierarchy. I see and understand the purpose. I did not expect the type of self-analysis and introspection Simon provided. The operating system upgrade relates to me.”
John Fetsch
New York Life

“I enjoyed the concept of needing to upgrade our internal operating system. I have a better understanding of emotional needs.”
Chris Clepp
Strategic Financial Group

“Simon gave a good explanation of understanding the ‘why’ and the ‘being’ part of my practice. I liked the breakdown of the values-based advisor. I didn’t expect to receive the One Page Business Plan.”
Robert James
Strategic Financial Group

“Simon was very lively and energetic. I didn’t expect to hear about the correlation of the Maslow hierarchy of needs to production, and the analogy of the operating system upgrade.”
Mark Tan
Strategic Financial Group

“I enjoyed the entertaining way Simon presented the material. I didn’t expect to hear how our attitudes hold us back.”
Michaline Korponya

“I liked hearing about ‘why you are doing what you’re doing,’ how to develop a job description for a new assistant, and ‘when was the last time you upgraded your personal operating system’.”
Duncan Skogsberg

“There was a good discussion on self-awareness and its power over our attitude and productivity. He gave tips on how to recognize when the backseat is doing the driving.”
Colin Aubin

“I had a chance to look at myself and had an opportunity to realize that my needs and worth are what are hindering me in my success. I now know I’m not alone in my thinking that I am what is keeping me from getting my ideal clients and motivating my business.”
Elvinita Metoyer
Water Tower Financial Partners

“The presentation was very informative. I liked the concept of the amygdala and how to handle it, and I liked the examples. I didn’t expect to receive the One Page Business Plan.”
Socorro Fajardo
New York Life