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The Inspirational Tipping Point Testimonials from NAIFA Central Valley, CA, November 15, 2013

“Simon was consistent with our culture and foundational beliefs and consistent with my team culture. ”
Steve Wright
Principal Financial

“The Attitudes of Inspiration versus Motivation caused me to start the mental process to re-build my agency to focus on future of new people.”
Bill Crawford
Big Valley Insurance

“Talking about the importance of Vision and the One Page Business Plan are what I liked best about the presentation.”
David Gingerich

“Simon’s presentation was a reminder to focus on the positive side of thinking to help our business grow, know the difference between value and unmet needs plus confronting the issues that we really struggle with – our inner demons! Thank you!”
Ileana Rodriguez
New York Life

“I like how passionate you were about wanting to make me not only a better professional but a better person. I didn’t expect the fact that I would be taking something away from this to my personal life. I really need to soul search and make plans & finally stick to them.”
Patrick Oliva
New York Life

“I was surprised by the enthusiasm for the future of the business. There was a process of laying out a business plan and putting it into action.”
Thomas D. Gingerich, CLU, ChFC
TD Gingerich Insurance Solutions Inc.

“I liked the 5 year plan, delegation, our values and beliefs that impact our clients. I realized that I am on track and the 20 questions I answered for my 15 year plan. ”
Lars Willerup
New York Life

“I liked the Utilitarian, Individualistic and Theoretical areas of the presentation .”
Sam Finley
New York Life

“There were reminders to go back to some of the basics, written business plan, plan for 5 years, review with your team members, reviewing values, planning calendar, days off, planning days and client days.”
Dot Popovich
State Farm Insurance

“Everything you said today is all new to me. Thank you! ”
Seng Sue Chang
Western Southern Life

“I liked the delivery of Simon’s presentation.”
Lillian Deaner
Transamerica G.A. Senior Market & Family