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The Inspirational Tipping Point Speaking Testimonials from NAIFA Greater Washington DC and NAIFA North Virginia January 15th, 2015 Kick Off

Great language around referral and client feedback. Realized I need to plan – haven’t been for a long time.”
Matthew Grace
First Financial Group

It was a fresh perspective on current beliefs and an opportunity to take a step forward.
Kevin Jones
Jones Mead and Associates

I’m starting to get an understanding of inspiration versus motivation.
Julia Catuara
Catuara & Bell Inc

Simon touches me as being the real deal, the enthusiasm of Mr. Reilly and the short, focused ideas and solutions. He shares a way to eliminate the ‘stuff’, provides validation of the written plan, and I liked the concept that that our thoughts are real, we make them real.
Joseph L. Davis
The Living Capital Group

The information, the process and the simplicity of what can happen when you have a plan is what I liked best.
Demetrius Doss
Capital Financial Partners

I enjoyed the simplicity but importance of Simon’s message. His presentation made me think about personal and family priorities.
Richard Stone
Lifetime Benefits

Simon had suggestions on how to focus and get rid of the clutter.
Ellen Tillman
Ellen Tillman & Co.

It was inspiring! I want to write up my one page business plan asap. We are human beings not humans doing! Thank you!
James Hicks
Mass Mutual

Good emphasis on the importance of hiring and delegating. The action plan statements were easily explained.
Bob Schmiesling
Thrivent Financial

It was interesting and informative. I liked the excitement and enthusiasm for the task ahead.
Janice Haynes Davis
The Living Capital Group

It was a focused attack on getting me to realize a better way exists for me to get better at what I do. It was a new way to approach challenges and understand how to improve my work.
Paul Hannan
New York Life

I liked that the focus is about balance and not just motivation. The presentation was very clear and right to the point. It was confirmation that I am moving my business in the right direction.
Robert M Wright
New York Life