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The Inspirational Tipping Point and The One Page Business Plan Testimonials from Pro Seminars – St Catharines, ON – May 13, 2013

“Simon inspired me to implement a plan. His enthusiasm is evident. I liked his approach of focusing on what is needed to move business forward.”
Diana Carbone

 “I liked the “Scorecard Info”, either a 1 or 10 nothing in between! I also liked the “Point Click Plan” online.”
Bill Philp
Hub International Ontario Ltd.

“Simon provided a ‘simple’ template to form a vision, mission statement and plan. He got me thinking about unmet needs.”
Gerry Rudnick
RBC Dominion Securities

“I liked the presentation and the passion plus the free offer.”
Pete Goyr
Newman Insurance

“Great concepts – lots of truths. I loved the “map” to get to your business destination. I am re-energized and it opened my eye to refocusing.”
Wendy Vanderwyk
State Farm

“I liked the energy of the presentation and the positive attitude.”
Jim Fyfe

 “It was fast paced and entertaining.”
Ed Wright
Knights of Columbus