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The Inspirational Tipping Point and The One Page Business Plan Testimonials from NAIFA North Dakota State Convention, Fargo, ND  May 16, 2013

“I liked Simon’s idea of being stuck on a plateau and the importance of values in my business.”
Lyle A. Berndt
New York Life

“Very thought provoking. I have an improved understanding of how my personal traits help hurt my performance.”
Todd Otto
State Farm

“Simon helped me to understand my value and overcome my referral “fear of approval”. He expressed the motivation to develop a mission statement.”
Bruce Seibel
Ohio National

“Simon’s thought inspired me “Motivation comes with negative connotations. Inspiration brings positive energy. I want to improve my daily focus towards inspiration. I have energy to revisit my plan and revisit my goals to make them real with the tools to do it. ”
Lonna Dehn Ristvedt
Business Pathways

“Liked energy of the presentation. I realized that I do have issues with ‘never enough’ which will never make me feel complete. “Empty my mind” .”
Don Zerr
Don Zerr Agency

“What I liked best is the experience that Simon put me through in understanding that negative feelings and emotions can be replaced by me with positive feelings and positive beliefs. The simple question for myself and for me to ask myself daily – “Why am I doing what I do?” Also I liked Simon’s tie today!”
Tim Deitemeyer
National Planning

“There was passion and great presentation skills. ”
Hank Prien
American Family

“I liked the reminder of “make a plan” write it and follow it. I’m a 30 year old business vet and needed a new push.”
John Halstenson
Thrivent Financial

“Liked Simon’s info and enthusiasm, great ideas! Information was for everyone whether neophytes or ones that have been in the business for years.”
Pat Saltsman
Financial Solutions

“You are excited about helping and serving and it shows! Simon had better insight into my time management and prioritization.”
Jonathan P. Spilde
SIA Mktg. Inc.

“Simon’s presentation refocused me on my values and business plan. He reminded me of how important time management and delegation are.”
Kristi Schwartz

“Simon provided encouragement to take control of your career, to look at the business from 35,000 ft and the reminder to have a written plan.”
Philip Haug
Country Financial

“I liked Simon’s enthusiasm, his message of the importance of values, a vision plan and thinking outside of the box.”
Steve Asche
Thrivent Financial

“Simon is passionate and authentic .”
Dennis Seeb

“Discovered why I can’t stay on a business plan. Energy and understanding are significant of understanding myself.”
Jaford D. Burgad
Mutual of Omaha

“I liked the concept how unmet needs affect my practice and the need for delegation and strategic plan beyond day to day pressures.”
Charles Canning

“I liked that understanding more about doing versus being; motivational versus inspiration.”
Elaine J Fremling
Northwestern Mutual