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Testimonials from the Advocis Newfoundland Chapter Sales Congress – May 22, 2009 – St. John’s, NL

“It opened my mind to my hopes and recognized my fears but inspired me to persevere. A renewed commitment to purpose and focus.”

Cyril Rogers – London Life

“Ideas and energy, and passion. I really liked the ideas that were presented. Great values presentation. The unmet needs concept is new and I will definitely follow up on this.”
Lowell Bonnell – Ryco Financial

“Great energy, and concepts. Best examination of beliefs and values that I have ever seen.”
Michael Kidney – Great West Life

“I came away with a real feeling of excitement and passion about the business that I am in.”
Marcus Penney – Freedom 55 Financial

“Made me realize that unmet needs should NOT determine my happiness or goals in life.”
Freeman Nannam – Hannam Insurance Services

“Internal focus on what prevents me from achieving my goals. The focus on the psychology behind why we do what we do.”
Andrew Dixon – Freedom 55 Financial

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