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Testimonials from Sun Life Sales Congress – Toronto, ON – June 21, 2010

“I was provided with new ideas and the opportunity to think about my career and how to face it. I have a new found vision on how to develop my business.”
Jorge De Vivero

“Excellent practical and sensitive ideas. I now have an appreciation of how written goals can influence behaviour and self esteem.”
Neil Schloss

“Simon’s presentation reaffirmed what took me 15 years to believe. Once you become conscious you can clearly see how the negative thoughts and unmet needs impact our outcomes. Extremely informative presentation.”
Rick Prior

“Down to earth materials and information. I enjoyed the sharing of experiences. The presentation put into perspective the importance of addressing unmet needs and writing out my business goals.”
Dorothy Olaes

“I enjoyed the concept of internal self evaluation verses external behaviours. I was reminded of the importance of journaling. I am committed to 90 day goals, refocusing on my personal values and the effects on my client base.”
Natalia Kabanova

“Informative on putting the theories provided into everyday practice. I enjoyed the advice of putting pen to paper to create some action and accountability. Very entertaining and lively presentation. Thank you!”
Mark Foster

“What enthusiasm, passion and understanding. I am in the process of reading of your book “Curing The Unmet Needs Disease” and was very satisfied with the presentation.”
Dennis Duclos

“I enjoyed the energy and the content delivered. I found the message could be applied to personal life as well as business. It made me think about all the aspects of my life.”
Diane Disano

“There was no repetition in the presentation and Simon didn’t overkill a subject. I have a newfound sense of pride in this new job. ‘What I do makes an impact.’”
Heidi Cherry

“I loved the enthusiasm; I have many great ideas to refocus my business. I have a commitment from myself to re-do my business plan and create 90 day goals.”
W. Jack Birtch

“The most enjoyable presentation; the energy, the message and the flow. The message really fits into my business now.”
Chris Belanger

“Simon has passion, exudes purpose and always appeared professional. I have the ability to release the negative thoughts and allow the positive in.”
Michael Barichello

“I enjoyed Simon’s direct approach. I have a clear and understandable approach to improving myself and in turn my business.”
Heather Buchan

“It made me think about what is holding me back on the inside. Simon didn’t stand there and tell me I wasn’t motivated because I am. Now I know it’s the limiting believes I need to change. Finally a presentation that really hit on the things that limit us.”
Magid Girgis

“I felt the enthusiasm. I learned if it’s going to be real then I must write it down. I have a renewed inspiration to continue my responsibility to positively impact others.”
Alfred Tran

“I really enjoyed the energy of the presentation. It was very informative and full of valuable information.”
Chad Mackness

“Tremendous ideas delivered with passion.”
Bob Crichton

“The presentation taught me a way to link my business plan to my daily events. I have an understanding of why writing things down will aid me. I need to define 90 day goals and not just one year.”
Ken Russell

“I am now aware of the in-depth and practical techniques to eliminating fear.”
Chia-Hao Tang

“Simon’s presentation was motivating and inspirational. I received a synopsis of what needs to be done. I didn’t expect to learn the value and importance of short term goals.”
Carole Russo

“I am now aware that changing thoughts and actions to a positive outlook can relate to my business module. I received a sense of purpose and understanding of inspirational values relating to passion and key motivational methods towards my business module.”
Paul Farrar

“Simon delivered the tools to improve my time management. I am evaluating my commitment towards my goals.”
Ericka Aguilera Morales

“I most enjoyed the 90 day goals, different types of values and being positive. I have learned how to ask for referrals and the importance of keeping a journal.”
Ewan Brocklehurst

“Very good information, lots of excellent points, I took a lot of notes. There was more information offered than I expected.”
Chris DeVries

“I enjoyed the focus on positive thinking. Simon definitely knows ‘The Secret.’ I didn’t expect the reinforcement that believing is achieving.”
Carolina Henao

“Well spoken, real and funny. I saw Simon at Advocis and I am still impressed.”
Rebecca Perrin

“I enjoyed learning about the referral strategy approach.”
Beck Mitchell

“The presentation had purpose and a focus on building self confidence.”
Nathan Wolfe

“Lots of energy and great passion. I didn’t expect to hear so many new concepts.”
Andrew Boholy

“What energy, simplicity and enthusiasm.”
Steve Harris

“It was great. The information presented reinforced my current practice.”
Shady Youssef

“Made me realize there is more that we can do.”
Jason Trudeau

“The presentation was very practical and easy to follow. I was reminded again of the importance of writing things down.”
Ken Sterling