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Clear Your Roadblocks Speaking Testimonials from Senior Market Advisor Conference – Las Vegas, Nevada – August 24 to 26, 2011

“Simon had passion and a connection to those in attendance. He is knowledgeable about the industry and has visible, palpable integrity.”
Margo McKenna
Wealth Management Group West

“I enjoyed your enthusiasm, positive attitude and vision! Excellent! You talked about how our thoughts are our real focus and about meeting the unmet needs head on! We received the 2011 Vision and 90-day short term goals with follow through.”
Marvin Lyon
Marvin E. Lyon & Associates

“You have helped me discover three basic starter steps to remove my obstacles and about the unmet needs that drive negative beliefs.”
Karen L. Pong
KL Financial Services

“I enjoyed the enthusiasm and confidence Simon brings to his messages. He made me think more about what is wrong and how I need to change to be more successful.”
Stephani Lucas
The Annuity Consultants

”Simple and easy to understand. Great stuff. Simon had great insight into my limiting beliefs.”
John Bustrum

”Energetic presentation. The truth is, I do most of the things that were expressed but in a somewhat haphazard way or with no consistency. Get organized. Be consistent.”
Tim Ballinger
Allstate Insurance/Tim Ballinger Agency Inc.

“Energetic and enthusiastic presentation. I appreciated receiving the book recommendations.”
Chris Goodwin
Insurance Pros, Inc.

“I liked the values-based foundation of Simon’s presentation and the practical time-management ideas. It confirmed that I need to define my time-management system.”
James Green
Summit Business Media

”Enthusiastic presentation! I enjoyed the storytelling and discussion about the importance of personal values.”
Laura Pesek
Questar Capital

“I enjoyed Simon, the topic and the unmet needs graphs chart. Simon had good real life stories for examples. He had good ideas on capturing referrals. When I do talks, I talk about how I had 3 paper routes growing up for similar reasons.”
Saiful Khan
MJHs, Elderplan, Safepath Benefits

“I liked the inward look at oneself and areas I’m lacking in.”
Ray Manguno
Manguno Retirement Group

“He hit great points in the time allotted and opened my eyes to why my practice isn’t where I want it to be. I didn’t have a clue about the ‘unmet needs’. Great energy!”
GW King
King Retirement Solutions

“I enjoyed Simon’s energy. He was motivational and presented planned steps with followup information.”
Charlotte  Bewersdorff
M&O Marketing

“There were several time management concepts that will be useful for me to apply in my agency. It was everything I expected.”
LaTanya Roux
JJ Martin Insurance Services

“Simon had ideas to help me move to the next level in business. Great motivational presentation.”
Michael Boyter
Boyter Financial Services

“Enthusiastic presentation. I found it really helped, particularly clearing of roadblocks which we all have but of course we must practice this.”
Arlene Glennan
AXA Advisors

”How to get referrals – very good advice! I’m glad you shared this information. The unmet needs material was very motivational and educational.”
Steven Chow
RA Lotter

“There seems to be many opportunities to improve my business. Beyond receiving a sample list of roadblocks, again, there are more opportunities available.
Richard S. Rosenthal
Rosenthal Associates Inc.

Simple, clear and concise ideas. Animated and excited presentation with actual value we can use.”
James Poe
SR Retirement Planners

“I enjoyed the energy generated by Simon. I now have a desire to identify my goals.”
Bessie Schroder
DH Hill Advisors

“Fantastic! I enjoyed receiving the free offers to receive the newsletter, the MDRT Breaking Through The Plateauing Out Syndrome E-book, a telephone appointment with Simon and the Free Clear Your Roadblocks Business 30 day Coaching GYM.”
Mitchell Beck
California Financial

“The presentation had good flow stressing the importance of taking the time to create and write my vision. I received insight. I need 90 day goals/20 days and inspiration to be on purpose.”
Debbie Andrews
Andrews Financial Services

“I realized there are some things that I am not doing in business, such as a written plan. I realized an unmet need about myself of why I limit myself. Now I have to work through that.”
Kathy Garza
Memorial Financial Services Corp.