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One Page Business Plan Speaking Testimonials from Pro Seminars Winnipeg  – Winnipeg, MB – April 14, 2011

“Simon identified areas of weakness and opportunity within ones’ self. He discussed creating a business plan associated with achieving success in my industry.”
Allan Platsko
Penncorp Life Insurance

“Clearing the mind improves focus. It’s important to get organized. This is an opportunity to improve my business.”
Ken Roy
One Insurance

“Simon is well spoken. I like the de-clutter concept and would like to apply this.”
George Foley
Winvest Financial

I enjoyed the new ideas for a business plan. Received detailed information.”
Neo Derkach
St. Nicholas Mutual

“The presentation had more substance than theory and had tools to take away.”
James Pollard
Penncorp Life

Very organized—an orderly, step-by-step procedure on how to create a business plan and get rid of the stuff that slows one down. The presentation had information on how to do a professional referral letter and plan.”
Dean Rolfe
Penncorp Life Insurance Company