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One Page Business Plan Speaking Testimonials from Pro Seminars – Toronto, Ontario – April 21, 2011

“Visually clear, an easy to understand presentation. Having attended a number of your presentations, each presentation adds further clarity.”
Dan Zwicker
First Financial Consulting Group

“Simon broke down the basics of what needs to be done. It reminded me that we are the cause of our own success or failure. The bad news: the future is in my hands. The good news: the future is in my hands.”
Wilmar Krause

“I enjoyed the positive effects of the presentation.”
Subhash Basandra
Bhasi Financial Service

“Simon showed passion. He was also blunt, motivating a person to take action. He provided real tools for success with the ‘One Page Business Plan”.
Bryan Ceresne
Benefits Management Group

“Simon was very encouraging and informative. He is very motivational and alive. The presentation was different from previous years with a useful PowerPoint presentation.”
Grace Maturan

“Very informative, energetic and inspiring. The presentation was concise with clear cut explanations. It was very realistic and insightful.”
Melany Scavone
State Farm

“You had heart and conviction in what you said. I received some tools to develop my vision and mission statement. Plan. Practice. Profit.”
Warren Faulkner
W.S. Faulkner & Associates

“Simon was very positive about his field and knows he can help people. I have some new ideas on how to approach new clients.”
Jim McKeen
Sinclair Cockburn Financial

“I enjoyed the clarity of the information and demonstration of the software with an actual demonstration of how to ask for referrals.”
Vi Fardy
Sun Life Financial