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One Page Business Plan Speaking Testimonials from Pro Seminars – Saskatoon, SK – June 16, 2011

“Simon was positive, energetic, practical, and motivating and had new approaches to address every advisor’s needs which have slipped in focus and priority. You are great! We received the One Page Business Plan computer-aided software which would assist the process (backed by your qualified, motivated coaching).”
Murray J. Swayze
Swayze Insurance Services

“Clear, concise and logical presentation. I received redirection.”
John M. Cerato

”I enjoyed Simon’s enthusiasm for the business. I have an opportunity to grow my business and break through the ‘bubble’”.
Fred Weekley
Investors Group

“I enjoyed Simon’s enthusiastic and very positive presentation. It was an easy business plan – not complicated.”
Cheryl Stacey
Precedence Private Wealth

“There were a number of things I received from the presentation; in particular, I liked finding out about the One Page Business Plan.”
Ronald J. Wassill

“Great as usual.”
Mary McGregor (Boskill)
McGregor Financial Inc.

“The presentation was very well organized with a wide variety of suggestions and ideas.”
Lawrence Ballard

“Energizing and concise presentation with reinforcement about having a business plan.”
John Boskill
Knights of Columbus

“I like the One Page concept. Informative.”
Terry Geobsts

“Quick and to the point. I like the simplicity of the business plan. Simon shows a way to create a brief and easy to follow business plan (see and visualize success).”
Adele Kaminsky
AK Financial Planning Services