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Testimonials from Pro Seminars – Las Vegas, NV – September 8-10, 2008

“Interesting, struck a chord in terms of the unmet needs.”
Dan Conway – Many Nations Financial

“Very informative. This will get me back on track with my business. Listening to you improved my self confidence.”
Wayne Peterson – Investors Group

“His perspective on the psychology of why we regress to the position where we find the least resistance, was very interesting. You have given me the conviction to refocus my practice on a few simple but impactful ideas.”
Kelly Kuspira

“Some great idea to use as a basis. Great job at keeping us focused and interested.”
Jennifer Burnett – RBC Dominion Securities

“Thanks for showing us how to overcome a recession.”
Gerry Avery – Insurance Toronto

“Learning that clients won’t move unless you first make the change within yourself.”
Vicki Parchamento

“Reinforces that I am doing the right things. I liked the ideas about the concierge service model for my top clients. ”
Marc Arthrell – Clearstone Wealth Advisors Inc.

“The 106 Tips – great marketing information.”
Tammy Johnston – The Financial Guides

“Brought to the forefront, if it’s going to be it’s up to me, and time to get on with it.”
Iqbal Mann – Mann Financial Inc.

“What i liked best about the presentation was the focus and impact on the need to change. You offered a new way of adding value to my existing client base.”
Lyle C. Lee – Morgan National Corporation

“Renewed understanding of the benefits of client segmentation. Very clear message, and easy to listen to.”
Sandi Smith – The Co-operators

“Great energy, great content, great presentation. Thanks for the great new ideas that are current and also futuristic that I can use in my practice.”
David Phillips

“Very engaging speaker, lively, and wonderful content.”
Marjorie Fincham

“Great, engaging speech. Great marketing ideas to implement.”
Gabor Lupkovics – Desjardins

“I have been working on being positive and really living it. You have given me reasons on why it may not work and how to change it. You have helped me understand how I can live with a positive attitude and really know how to do it better and believe in it. I have been looking for an understandable and believable concept for a long time. Thank you.”
Georgina Flexman – Family Wealth Advisors

“Great discuss about how we can be and create our own biggest hurdles. Confirmation that many other advisors share the same problems that I am facing in my business.”
Frank Vanden Broek – Sunlife

“Very informative and enlightening material.”
Gord Phillips – Freedom 55 Financial

“Provided provocative ideas to engage a discussion with clients. Great positive energy to pass onto clients.”
Clifford Dupuis – Dupuis Financial Inc.

“Challenging values with a step guide away from mediocrity.”
Harvey Tribe

“Made me questions how I work. Thanks for the ideas, insight, options and possibilities.”
Wilmar Federau – Investors Group

“I really liked the material on refocusing on the relationship in the business building process.”
David Chiu – RBC Insurance

“Excellent content and very lively.”
W. Gary Leskow – Investors Group

“It was very informative and relevant.”
Brenda McKinnon – Dundee Insurance

“A lot of great information and Simon has a great understanding of the business.”
William Chan – Fundex Investments

“I love the enthusiasm of Simon – he gets right to the point. Thanks for the gift of confidence from your presentation, and the realization of the big picture.”
Bill Munn – MAP Insurance Inc.

“Your presentation reinforced for me that a person becomes what they think about. Thoughts are real forces.”
Ken Ripplinger – Ripplinger Financial

“Great ideas, and very thought provoking.”
Pat Dennison – Investors Group

“Simon has the ability to present with the ability to pass on the urgency required to absorb the necessity.”
Luella Stuart – MacNaughton & Ward Financial

“I enjoyed Simon’s direct approach of facing our own fears and resistance, in order to grow our business.”
Calvin Johnson – Freedom 55 Financial

“Your material is very relevant for today’s environment.”
Susan Mamuza – London Life

“Simon’s material opens your mind.”
Roy Olsen – Assante Financial Mgmt.