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The Inspirational Tipping Point Testimonials from Pro Seminars – Las Vegas, Nevada – September 9, 2013

“Really enjoyed Simon’s presentation, your material refreshed my thoughts on my 5-year goals, and the simplicity of the planning system.”
David Palmer
Investors Group

“Fast paced, energetic, and funny. After 28 years in the business, Simon gave me some sales tips and tips for identifying my most valuable clients.”
Denise Darling
The Cooperators

“I understand now the importance of knowing your values and what that says about you and your business.”
Melany Newsham

National Best Insurance Network

“It will hopefully cause me to commence 2014 planning in earnest! Simon states the real issue – that of explaining my worthiness or value in my service is largely an unmet need I am carrying. I look forward to speaking with you.”
Kelly Kuspira
DWM Securities Inc.

“I am encouraged to continue on with my pursuit of going for what I want to be in life. I‘m in transition from one career to another; this was great. I received a challenge to gain a deeper understanding.”
Rick Seutter
Axcess Capital Advisors Inc.

“Great business-oriented presentation with excellent ideas on staying focused and getting back to planning and working the plan.”
Gordon Siemens
GRS Financial Services, Inc.

“The application of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory to business was very eye opening. So many speakers are ‘product/business’ focused, it’s nice to hear a speaker who is more concerned about the whole.”
Karissa Fox
Northeast Financial

“I always find Simon’s speaking passionate and uplifting!! Always very interesting material.”
David Phillips
PPI Calgary

“Loved the presentation, delivery was very direct. Great direction on beliefs, inspiration and motivation.”
Lana Jones
Apri Insurance Services Inc.

“90% breaking down the process of time, delegation and asking for referrals. Disclosure is an issue that we need to deal with, and Simon’s message was timely.”
Merv Evdokimenko
April Insurance Services Inc.

“As always clear and concise information provided and not just the same talk as previous years’ presentation. Great! Different perspective to enforce vision, plan and the benefits of a written plan. Your explanation of inspiration vs. motivation is excellent.”
Marilyn McGhan
Shaw Insurance Agencies Ltd.

“Your focus on values and inspiration really resonated with me.”
Marc Gaucher
Peacock Sheridan

“The opportunity to take advantage of a product to give me information about me.”
Roy Olsen
Assante Financial Mgmt

“Being female & 65, Simon gave me the tools to refocus and yes I will have a longer and more focused career. You got me fired up again about my career as a financial planner.”
Paulette Reid
Quintus Financial

“Great to hear that I’m headed in the right direction, Simon re-instilled my vision for succession plan for clients.”
Art Esperanza
Esperanza Financial Services

“Learning that there is nothing wrong, just an absence of understanding……brilliant! Great ideas for building a business plan and the reward scorecard.”
Barbara Gough
State Farm Insurance

“Good job in breaking down to the basic underlying concepts and use of Stephen Covey’s ideas and principles. Felt that Simon really understands my point of view, where I am coming from in my business.”
Calvin Johnson
Freedom 55 Financial

“Simon deals with the subconscious issues going on in business. Great explanation that coaching is needed.”
James Okano
Pinnacle Wealth Brokers

“Starting out in this business, it is refreshing to see an approach that is centered on who we are and how we present ourselves, through values and beliefs. It is great to hear this approach to building a practice.”
Douglas Guest
National Best Financial Network

“Engaging and thought-provoking. Simon is a master at identifying areas for ‘improvement’ within our business.”
Chris Burylo
Pinnacle Equities

 “Getting focused on the future. The planning I need to do in succession going forward. The importance of our value system and how to evaluate it was very interesting.”
Quantum Financial Services Inc.

“You went beyond techniques and taught eternal principles. Simon offered clarity on a subject I’ve been studying for a decade.”
Island Life Financial

“You gave me a starting point. Some tools for my toolbox and an opportunity to develop my skills. Simon provided the missing piece of the puzzle.”
Judy Patience-Ethier
National Best Financial