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One Page Business Plan Speaking Testimonials from Pro Seminars Edmonton – Edmonton, AB – January 18, 2011

Simon shows us how to make a simple plan, but make it profitable.”
Frederick Montilla
Investors Group

Great detail of business plan and the monitoring system involved. It’s a precise format of business planning and allows you to easily follow your sales objectives as well.”
Dennis Cyca
CUCA Financial Services

Very relevant subject to where I am with my business.”
Andrew Rondeau
Knights of Columbus

Great confidence you present in the One Page Business Plan product, and you show how the ease in making a proper business plan.”
Dori Hogg
HFI Financial

New information and a different way to look at sectors of your business.”
Anthony Au
Augold Financial Services

Informative, systematic, and enthusiastic presentation. Simon shows us information and a system that is easy to apply and provide roadmap for setting objectives and building business.”
Jim Galpin
Galpin Financial Inc.

Comprehensive and complete and a simplified process.”
Tim McGee
Assante Wealth Management

You showed how you can simplify a business plan to one page, and provide clarity.”
Brian Dawson
Sterling Wealth Management Inc.