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Testimonials from Pro Seminars – Edmonton, AB – September 17-18, 2008

“Great job! Clear, precise, refreshing material delivered with conviction.”
Grant Nahirniak
– Investors Group

“You are a positive, thoughtful, person and speaker. You gave direct, intelligent advice to our Financial Advisor Community.”
Bryan Fife
– Desjardins Financial

“The info about limiting beliefs and how they impact business, is dead on. Your presentation was clear and lucid.”
Terry Hooks
– Hooks Insurance and Financial Services

“Great presentation. Engaging, positive and loaded with highly valuable content.”
Vince O’Shea
– Investors Group

“Clear and easy to hear – lively presenter with an excellent delivery.”
Jack Unsworth
– Integrated Financial Services, Inc.

“An engaging speaker who believe in his content and present as such.”
Kelley Doerksen
– Guaranteed Financial Service

“It’s clear and straightforward. It boosted my morale and belief that I’m helping my clients.”
Vernie Libiran

“Excellent information for clients’ fears in the present economy.”
Nick Humeniuk
– Humeniuk Insurance Agency Ltd.

“Your energy is fabulous, I wanted to keep listening, I didn’t want him to stop, very engaging presentation.”
Matthew Fraser
– Silverberg Group

“Very fascinating, the psychology connection between unmet needs and how it impacts business. Lots of ‘meat’ in your material.”
Glenn Humeniuk
– First Prairie Financial Inc.

“Your energy, and passion comes through. I now know that I can work on some roadblocks in building my business. You’ve excited me to start learning about building my business, by addressing my limitations.”
Emili Gomez
– Primerica Financial Services

“Information is relevant and current and very no nonsense. Great presentation.”
Lee Schmidt
– Primerica

“Brought to light the limitations of fear and how it affects my business. I really enjoyed the information on getting back to asking for referrals.”
Dennis Nicholson
– Dennick Insurance Services

“Very clear and direct. I felt that there was a large understanding of the situation with the majority of financial advisors. I’ve seen many speakers before, but I felt more like I was in an even closer situation in my business based on the material delivered.”
David Pallibar
– Primerical Financial Services

“Very good speaker – encourager – this was a refreshing topic for all types of business. Great presentation with current aspects well covered.”
Marilyn McGhan
– Shaw Insurance Agencies Ltd.

“Your material focuses on the central critical issues we are facing.”
Phillip Eriksson

“Insights into the psychology are always welcome and a good way to learn about oneself. Straightforward presentation.”
Jasen Boyko
– SISIP Financial Services

“Simon is very enthusiastic and committed to his program and system – this shines through in his presentation and delivery.”
Dale Zingel
– Investors Group

“Revelation of the concise link between unmet needs and inactivity. By meeting my needs, business will improve. Great information.”
Ken Lang
– Primerica

“Simon spoke about principles and concepts that can be used outside of business on a personal level. He helped me to define my own level of success. Thanks for the renewed enthusiasm for my business.”
Natalie Gibeau
– Group Source