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Testimonials from Pro Seminars – Calgary, AB – June 17, 2008

“Very informative and would like to know more about it.”
Samantha Dassanayake – ATB Insurance Advisors Inc.

“Fire Start! Positive kick to the day, a great wake up call Simon!
Mark Kotris – VIP Moneywise

“Motivation to refocus and start applying some of the principles.”
Roy McElhoes – Individual Broker

“I really enjoyed your material on how to get used to change, the importance of having a vision and commitment and how to provide great value to my clients.”
Irvin Wilibnisky – Great West Life

“Your presentation was great. Better than I thought it would be. Liked your piece on getting back to basics and not trying to reinvent the wheel”.
George Crofts – Independent Broker

“Really liked your get serious approach about vision, marketing plan, and the discussion on the Top 40 concept.
Bill Janzen – Investors Group

“Refreshing to again hear that we move ahead with positive thinking, and the need to focus.
Thomas Miller – Sunlife

“Detailed, informative and flowed well together. Information is understandable and useable.”
Mark Leeb – Leeb Sherwin Financial Services

“Energetic & factual & to the point. Great marketing ideas.”
Sid Giroux – Giroux Financial

“Very energetic speaker, talked about all the things we think but don’t say out loud!. Very inspiring, loved the should list.”
RCU Insurance Services Ltd.

“Great information to share with my agents regarding their attitude to recession and how to reach above it, to help their clients and show them a new vision.”
Jennifer Simpson

“Dynamic, common sense and a personal way to talk about the truth. A definite kick in the pants to remind me of what I should still be doing after 47 years in the financial business.”
Hill Radford – Hilldawn Financial Inc.

“Energy, walking the talk examples, inspiring, passionate – I believe that Simon wants us to be better. I love the should list, I will implement it this week.”
Andrea Hansen – Wiegers Benefits

“The positivity of the presentation – is great to hear an excellent message.”
Samantha Varner – ATB Insurance Advisors Inc.