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One Page Business Plan Speaking Testimonials from PPI – Calgary, AB – October 25, 2011

“I liked the energy combined with the simplicity. You spoke about what I’ve been thinking. I need to unclutter my mind and focus.”
David Kindopp
Kindopp Financial Solutions Inc.

”I liked your level of understanding of human behaviour and your audience specifically, as well as the passion with which you conveyed that. I want to hire you all over again.”
Micheline Maes
Maes Consulting Company

Simon caught my interest. I am looking for a way to direct my energies to be more focused. It was interesting in regards to the timing as to my business now.”
Garry Kopeck
Kopeck Financial Concepts Ltd.

“I liked the process to eliminate distractions in my business, and asking the prospect/client for commitment to working together and the financial plan. I see opportunities to apply these principles to other areas of my life.”
Weston Fader
Atlas Wealth Financial

 “Simon talked about how your values (or lack thereof) influence your feelings and emotions about what you do. I have a good understanding of how quickly a business plan can be completed.”
Paulla Adamitz
World Advantage Financial

“Simon prompted me to become serious about business planning. I received a call to action that I heard.”
Robert R. Lamb
Maven Financial Services Limited

”Great presentation with passion. Love the software and how you’ve made a time consuming process easy.”
Tania Stilson
Unlimited Life Advisors

“Simon was direct, to the point and talked about strategy.”
Filomena May
Filo Financial Solutions

“It was a concise and easy to set up plan I would be able to use. I didn’t expect the reality of ‘stuff’ that is currently clogging my brain, therefore business practice.”
Esther Allman Silberg
Godfrey-Morrow Insurance & Financial Services Ltd.

“I enjoyed the energy and the emotion to help me take action with my business. I have an idea to re-define my business.”
David Phillips
PPI Solutions

“I liked the tenacity of the presentation. There is potential to build the business and bring it to another level.”
Marek Foff
VMP Financial Group

“I have the motivation to review my business plan. I received an objective. I like the measurable and deadline.”
Jennifer Johnson
JBC Wealth Management

“Simon talked about how to really ask for referrals: ask clients to write down what they liked. I didn’t expect to hear his remarks that social media is not the panacea for success. One still needs to present oneself personally and directly.”
Fay Oppenheim

“Simon was energetic and positive. He showed how to make it easy to be organized and make a plan.”
Troy Forester
Bridge Wealth Solutions

“Simon had a clear objective for a business plan and discussed unmet needs. I received the clarity, focus and motivation to illustrate my business plan.
Michele Jolley
Portfolio Strategies

“A clear and precise presentation on the One Page Plan. I now have the ability to create a clear business plan on a variety of levels in a short period of time.”
Ben Doyle
Doyle Financial Inc.

“The ideas of the One Page Plan are easy. Keep reminding yourself to stay on track. I didn’t have any expectations. I enjoyed Simon’s focus and energy. The plan and the difference between strategy and tactics is excellent.”
Jennifer Tweddle
Financial Services Group

Very practical tips with an easy process. What I received but didn’t expect was to break through barriers.”
Earl Shindruk
Optimax Benefits

The presentation was motivating with great instruction and ideas on how to work on my business and not always in my business. I received value and motivation.”
Joann L. McCrindle
PPI Solutions

“Exciting and passionate presentation. I didn’t expect that business planning could be this simple.”
Greg Holben
Holben Insurance & Financial Services

”The best part of the presentation was to work on ‘simplicity’ rather than ‘stuff’. By doing this I will become excited about this business again and can start enjoying life rather than just living it!”
Larry Costen
Costen & Associates Insurance and Financial

“Simon addressed the issue I have been struggling with. I need a game plan. It was a well laid out plan that seems simple to follow.”
Russ Young
Young Financial Group

“Simon was very energetic. He cuts to the point and cuts out the fluff. I received vision and focus for myself.”
Randy Young
Bayside Associates

”I liked the re-awareness of simplicity, a reminder of commitment importance, and the practical and concise ideas.”
Agnes Holden
Living Benefit Solutions Inc.

“I enjoyed the clarity of the message and the content of the presentation. I can move my business forward.”
Sabrina Stoushnow
Steppingstones Financial

“You simplified the making of a business plan and made the time count by your 5 steps to this plan. I received outstanding motivation to succeed the right way and to improve my business and duality of life.”
Ken Williamson
Williamson Financial Services Inc.