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Clear Your Roadblocks Speaking Testimonials from NAIFA National Conference – Washington, DC – September 13, 2011

“I enjoyed Simon’s energy and learning about the emotional impact and connection of values to an advisor’s practice.”
Robert Olvera
Pro Partners Wealth

“I saw Simon in Vancouver; this was a great revisit. I read your book twice and am ready to read and work through it again. The 90-day project is a quick ‘get started’ project. I need a terrific 90 days now to catch up and be on track with my business year.”
Glenn Jagodzinske
New York Life

“I enjoyed the manner in which information was presented i.e. the negative beliefs, emotions, unmet needs and paralleling the solutions via positive beliefs and emotions. Foundational, sound advice as to how fears can sabotage one’s success and propel one into a state of dormancy.”
Mary Joyce Smith
Smith & Webb Capital Partners, LLC

“Simon had a different approach than I have experienced in the past. There are clear steps.”
Daniel Daley

“Simon talked about how to get your head clear and fill it with things that are going to move you forward, and the difference between values and unmet needs.”
Rich Price
New York Life

“This presentation follows NAIFA’s Leadership in Life Institute training class and would be a great support to reinforce what LILI teaches. It reinforced what I am currently working on and I realize that I need to keep pushing forward.”
Michael McGovern
United Investment Center

“No holds barred. Simon gave real world examples and talked about getting rid of stress.”
Doug Jackson
Jackson ENT & Assantes

“Simon drew from several planning theories and models and boiled them down into a more precise concept. The journal idea was great! He gave great ideas that I can start using as soon as I walk out of the room. He gave me the motivation to replan the remainder of the year.”
Benjamin Fisher
New York Life

“It got me thinking about the topics that are important for me to address to get back on track. He suggested good books that I should read ie. Spencer Johnson’s Peaks and Valleys.”
Matthew Garrow
Englar Garrow & Roth Ltd.

“Simon made me think about what I need to do to move my business to the next level. He emphasized the need to have a business plan and reviewing it often. He gave the opportunity to identify what is keeping me from moving forward.”
Tom shores
Shores Ins.

“Simon had high energy and was positive and uplifting. He had good thoughts on emptying the mind. He gave us free things that he is sending out. It’s unusual to give up good resources.”
Robert E. Donlan
The Hancock Group, Inc.

“Simon emphasized the importance of talking time to plan and coming up with a vision. Great energy from Simon.”
Mauncio Giraldo
JFS Financial

”I loved your method of waking up twice. Great advice. The unmet needs are so very important to my internal battle.”
Clifford Sutter

“Very pragmatic steps to get focused and remove the clutter in my mind. I was inspired.”
Peter D. Sullivan
Sullivan Financial Group

“Simon was enthusiastic and succinct in summarizing many practice management ideas.”
Paul Scott
Scott Insurance and Financial Services

“Enthusiastic step-by-step process. Clear your mind to prepare room to grow.”
C. Rod Maxson
The Maxson Group – Financial Strategies

“The quote you began the presentation with has great meaning. I am determined to work on the One Page Business Plan.”
James A. Shalek
Principal Financial Group

“Simon helped me to understand the importance of having a vision and a written business plan.”
William J. Trueman
College Financial Advisors, LLC

“High energy and excitement. Simon had a new thought-provoking systematic approach.”
Seth Krasne
New York Life

“I enjoyed your energy, excitement and positive attitude. I now have a new way to think about business planning.”
David Geddes
State Farm

“I love the idea of being able to hit my end-of-year goals.”
Cort Bradbury
Principal Financial

”You had clear commitment and passion for your subject matter. I have a few good ideas for fall planning with my team.”
Heather Ladd
State Farm

”Very clear, concise and energetic presentation. Thanks! You reaffirmed that I am doing most of the things correctly – 70%. I need to progress on the other 30%.”
Randhir Judge
Judge for Yourself Inc.

”Energetic presentation. Simon acknowledged my desire to eliminate fear and failure, lack of recognition and respect. This can’t be met from outside; it must come from within.”
Jacob Elrod
Prudential Financial

“Simon got back to the basics. We received 90-day goals which should be reviewed every day.”
David Welsheimer
Buckeye Planning Concepts

“Energetic and passionate presentation. It’s the first time I’ve heard the concept of the unmet needs. I’ve read a ton of Anthony Robbins’ material and I’ve never heard of the unmet needs concept.”
Terry Kraft
American Family Insurance

“Simon talked about the importance of identifying with values and satisfying unmet needs, and about planning your schedule day-by-day and also journaling thoughts and reflections to create a vision.”
Don Jaramillo
State Farm