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Testimonials from London Life – Montreal, QC – October 22, 2010

“Interesting point of view on unmet needs. I will complete a written vision and business plan.”
Philip Hale
Greystone Insurance & Financial Services

“The presentation resonated with my thinking and concerns me today.”
Ray Mathieu
Freedom 55 Financial

“It made me realize I have roadblocks to overcome. I understand that until these roadblocks are cleared there is a cost to my business and referrals.”
David Mecke
Freedom 55 Financial

“Good ideas.”
Climerio Silva
Vision Elite Services Financiers Inc.

“Energy, conviction, focused on internal thoughts and feelings. I have the realization I need to act!”
Mark Sampson
Sampson Capital Group

“The questionnaire was thought provoking.”
John Brick
Brick Financial Group Inc.

“I enjoyed the enthusiasm and sincerity in delivering the presentation. I was reminded to think and rethink my values and prepare my goals.”
Judy Vanden Bos
Freedom 55 Financial

“Very informative, excellent speaker.”
Simon Huften
Freedom 55 Financial  

“I appreciated the idea of using a journal.”
Jim Szilva
Freedom 55 Financial

“Inspirational and motivational.”
Don Cubitt
Freedom 55 Financial

“The presentation gets to the heart of the matter. Practical about meaningful change if implemented and maintained. I was open minded and it was refreshing to embrace some of the topics and concepts. This is meant for financial advisors, no need to reinvent the wheel here.”
Ronald Barlay
Freedom 55 Financial

“I enjoyed Simon’s clarity of thought and his energy.”
Tully Campbau
London Life

“Very informative and inspiring. Unmet needs are a thought provoking subject.”
Lara Hess
London Life

 “The presentation was fast paste, well referenced and had knowledge specific to our company and how we work. I was pleased to take one step back from the overly prescribed cure of positive thinking to first address unmet needs.”
Peter Drum
Freedom 55 Financial

“Great positive energy. The presentation was thought provoking in identifying my roadblocks.”
Rachelle Montgomery
Freedom 55 Financial

“Focused on values as opposed to strategies.”
Mark Landers
Southlakes Wealth

“Simon speaks directly to the fundamental constraints that we put on ourselves. Negative beliefs and attitudes have a far greater impact on behavior then I realized.”
Mitch Childs
Freedom 55 Financial

“Common sense ideas to manage my business.”
Pierre-Michel Simard
London Life

“Energy, passion and a desire to help. I have a newfound sense of purpose and a desire to focus on my vision and purpose.”
Chris Hudson
Freedom 55 Financial

“Positive energy and optimism.”
Jonathan Palumbo
Barill & Co.

“I enjoyed the presentation, concepts, ideas and how to ask for referrals.”
Sanjay Khanna
TaxAcc Wealth Management Inc.

“I thought I was very good at asking for referrals. I’ve discovered that I can do better, much better.”
Yves Kimbo
Freedom 55 Financial

“It was a call to action and plan. I was offered a different perspective on limiting beliefs.”
Andre Buteau
Freedom 55 Financial

“Simon called me out to write this stuff down. Even though I hate thinking about this stuff, you do a great job at getting me to think about it in a positive way.”
Branden Mosher
Freedom 55 Financial