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One Page Business Plan Speaking Testimonials from IFB Toronto Spring Summit – Toronto, ON – May 18, 2011

“Simon presented well. I was open to receive the information so it got my attention and helped to motivate me to proceed. I believe it can help me move forward. Time to fly again.”
Anthony Del Zotto

“I like the templated Business Plan. By keeping it simple it will be used; I’m going to use it. I didn’t expect that the online template was going to be that easy.”
Joseph Muto
Alliston Financial

“Energetic and informative.”
Julie Kranitz-Andrade
Wealth Maximization Group

“I liked the concept of the One Page Business Plan and the questionnaire, to make me face the problems in my business. I’m excited to build my business.”
Anne-Marie Hodgins
Brunet Insurance

“Simon spoke with focus, detail, pace and passion.”
Errol Johnson
EagleDove Financial Inc.

“I like the simplicity of the One Page Business Plan. The presentation was informative on how to stay focussed on my goals.”
Sonia Henriques

“The presentation was well done, simple and informative. Good advisor plan.”
Larry Griffith
LG Financial

“Enjoyed your enthusiastic delivery and hearing about the definitions of vision v mission.”
Chad Routledge
Cortex Financial

“I like Simon’s passion!”
Cathy Kuhlmann
Johnson Inc.

“Enthusiastic presentation. I am motivated to go back to the office and take action.”
Catherine Turner
Johnson Inc.

”It was energetic, well presented with great ideas and was a good use of my time. I never saw a reason to have a business plan before; I now know the best reasons for doing a business plan.”
Irene Pawlik
Investors Group

“Clear presentation and focussed on importance of writing a plan and then to follow up quarterly. Also, our greatest asset is our consciousness—this was insightful. Also, there was an insightful concept as to why advisors do not ask all clients for referrals now. The idea of asking for referrals is always important to hear and to put into practice.”
Tadeusz Sojczynski
Worldsource Financial Management Inc.

“Enthusiastic, sincere and functional information was given. I like that there were actual tools.”
Geoffrey Cook
Infinite Financial

“I liked the focus on strategic thinking v tactics; planning to be successful with an organized process of improvement.”
Wayne Kirsh

“Simon’s presentation hit the nail on the head of what I am experiencing in my business. He reinforced simple solutions in my thinking, strategizing about my business and writing down plans.”
Brian Vanderhout
PV&V Financial Centre

“Simon addressed everyone’s problems with a clear plan to a solution. We get caught up in doing everything—sometimes it’s like watching a runaway train, stuff just takes over. We need to deal with it and there is an organized painless way to do it. It was a high energy presentation that kept me engaged. The information was simple and clear. Although I thought I knew this, hearing it in this presentation made me think again.”
Michelle Villanueva
State Farm Insurance

“Simon was energetic and passionate! I liked the overview of the One Page Business Plan and the in-depth explanation of all the components of the Plan.”
Carla Fabien
State Farm Insurance

“Simple and straight to the point. I appreciated getting the One Page Business Plan template.”
Luis Arruda
Regional Insurance Services Inc.

“Very practical information/very useful, and we received free access to useful information.”
Shawn Murphy

“Enthusiastic, passionate and attainable. I didn’t expect the One Page Business Plan to be so straight forward and workable.”
Rachel Desmarais
Desmarais Financial Services Inc.

“You’re enthusiastic and catchy.”
Audrey Keip
Keip Financial

“Very applicable presentation on how to clear the mind and focus on what’s important and eliminate the negative. One Page Business Plan—Great!”
Charlene Henhoeffer
Legacy Insurance

“Dynamic presentation. Makes the buildup of the plan easy. Simon showed us how to complete the plan and the motivation to get it done.”
Tony Francis
Legacy Financial

“Comprehensive and real presentation.”
Bill Hodgson
Focus Insurance Agencies Limited

“Energetic, positive “life force” action plan. I have seen Simon before here in Toronto and Las Vegas. I am improving and inspired to continue. I received hope and magical energy transfer of a very positive energy. All wonderful.”
Marjorie Fincham
Smith Petrie Carr & Scott Insurance Brokers

“Clear, enthusiastic and well conceived. It made me reconsider why I have not ‘written it down’!”
Murray Leiter
Foyston Gordon & Payne

“Many useful ideas stated simply and clearly.”
Owen Rhoden
Canada Loyal Financial

“The presentation was energetic and fast paced with quality material.”
Brian Goodman

“Simon was a clear, concise and good speaker—tight presentation. He showed us concise business planning techniques.”
Glenn Jones
Freedom 55 Financial

“Simon encouraged us to focus and deal with our limiting issues.”
Brian Evans
Brian J. Evans Financial Services

“Tons of information, fast paced, dynamic and relevant. We received practical information to make a plan and free PowerPoint notes.”
Doug Thomson
RD Thomson & Associates

“Simon gets full marks for enthusiasm. He gave us something concrete to work with.”
Maxine Campbell
Maxine Campbell Inc.

“I like the One Page Business Plan concept and its ability to measure goals and intentions graphically.”
George Isley
Isley & Associates

“I enjoyed the simplicity and clarity of the presentation and Simon’s passion. He gave us a path to get the Plan in place and follow/monitor it.”
Brad Gajria

“Practical information presented in a simple, to the point way. The material of the presentation allows me to put into action what was presented.”
Wendy Saw

“A dynamic, lively, well-presented, and fast-paced presentation. Simon gave us ideas on how short a period of time is needed to put an action plan on paper.”
Marilyn J. Chambers
Ten Star Financial Inc.

“Enthusiastic and energetic presentation. We received a business plan development that seems simple.”
Vickie Campbell

“A lively, relevant, useful, and implementable presentation. Simon encourages, entices, challenges and dares participation engagement.”
Ted Kennedy
E.J. Kennedy Financial Ltd.

“Simon was entertaining as well as instructional and enthusiastic. He gave us ideas that are useful and useable.”
Peggy Morgan
Sun Life

“I liked the simplicity of process to make a business plan and we received the tools to move forward.”
Susan Nicholson
The Benefits Coach

“The presentation will help to grow my business.”
Duane Pratt
FCTS Consulting

“What appears to be a simple plan I can use to improve the results I set for my effort.”
Ian Hockridge
GIC Financial Services

”There was a positive energy being projected with quality content. It is something that works. The One Page Business plan is simple and puts the flow in planning.”
Jim Domanski
Special Benefits Insurance Services Inc.

“A lively, engaging and relevant presentation with good takeaways.”
Julie Katz
GBK Strategic Financial Partners

“Simon showed a clear plan on how to get where I want to go and keep focused on how to get there. We received a One Page Business Plan and how to do it and how to accomplish it.”
Robert A. Brunet
Brunet Insurance/Assurance Brunet