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One Page Business Plan Speaking Testimonials from IFB – Toronto, ON – November 1, 2011

“Simon used real life examples. It reminded me of other things I was working on last year and got put to the side. I am motivated to start them again.”
Debby Austin

”Enthusiastic and focused presentation. Simon cut through the stuff to focus on what matters.”
Michael Farrell
Manulife Financial

“Simon was organized and talked about clearing your mind and focussing on what is important. Plan, action, review.”
David Dean

I liked the focus – planning goals and objectives, written short term and long term goals. It was a kick in the seat of the pants.”
David Foe
Cornerstone Financial

“I enjoyed Simon’s energy level and the information he provided. It struck a nerve. The listed negatives are what I deal with daily.”
Larry Gallant
Queensbury Securities Inc.

”I enjoyed the enthusiasm of Simon’s presentation. An easy step-by-step way to make a business plan to help ease my mind.”
Derek Huppke

“Dynamic and goal oriented! Practical information to change my thinking and improve my performance!”
Wayne Kirsh

“I like that you’ll help with time management and set up. I received permission to focus on just changing / controlling one thing “clear consciousness”.”
A.J. Koenig
Investors Group

“Simon reinforced the things we already know in a high energy format!  He gave ideas and thoughts of unmet needs.”
John Laban

“I liked the software and the ability to complete this in under 90 minutes.”
Steve Lloyd
Freedom 55 Financial

“This is my second summit. I am so glad to see a motivational speaker. I really needed it. The One Page Plan looks easy enough to get started. We received copies of the Power point presentation. I can’t wait to start!!”
Katherine Mamalyga

“Simon spoke about our needs challenging success and the reason we’re afraid to ask for referrals. We received free access to building a business plan.”
Pam Martin
Baynes & White

”Simon was very positive, had high energy, was logical and motivating. He provided examples that work. A very simple plan.”
Gord Moller
Moller Insurance

“Love the idea of a simple one-page plan. It’s easy to follow, monitor, create changes and update as needed. There was lots of humour, lots of interactive comments and questions! It helped since I left Bowmonville at 5 am to beat the traffic!”
Lucy Naylor
LL Financial

”It was a complex subject organized and condensed into a simple approach that anyone could use. I feel revitalized bout making the next year my best year ever. The timing is perfect. It was a fresh viewpoint.”
Virginia Neely
Virginia Lee Neely CGA

“Simon helped me face the planning for business plan for 2012. It was a simple process for planning a business plan with a template.”
Charles Patlakas
Allstate Insurance Agency

”I liked the focus on a business plan and writing goals down. I also liked receiving the PowerPoint presentation.”
Keith Rendall

”I liked everything and, in particular, I liked receiving the business plan. Thank you so much! Amazing job. God bless you.”
Alma Salima

“A great topic and great presentation with lots of good information that can help me improve. I have lots of ideas. We received the One-Page Plan presentation as well as the way to do it.”
Charanjit Singh
Creative Way Financial Inc.

“A good presentation and an enthusiastic speaker. I came to hear Simon. We received the illustration of the One-Page Plan.”
Glenn Stewart

”Great speaker! He made me think about my own plan – none. I have been inspired.”
Ron Tustian

“The presentation had a lot of information presented in a delightful way. I am enthusiastic that I can make the change.”
John Webster
John Webster Insurance

“I enjoyed the 5 parts of the business plan , vision, mission etc. Very passionately presented. We received much more complimentary material than expected.”
Sarah Wyse
Wyse Financial Solutions Inc.