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Testimonials from IFB – Toronto, ON – May 27th & 28th, 2008

“We were able to get so much more out of his presentation because he took the time to engage the audience. He understands our needs. Good Job! I now understand how human psychology has an impact on the financial services professional.”
Eldean Dickenson – Wheatfield Financial Group

“Very eye opening to identify what road blocks I am experiencing currently in my professional life. The clarity you provide is exceptional.”
Katherine Irving – SFS Financial Inc.

“You have inspired me to get back to basics after 20 years in the business. The passion in which you operate and it rubbed off on me. Even though I am “busy” with an assistant I feel like I am “retired”.”
Sandy Theys –
Theys Insurance Ltd.

“Dynamic presentation. Insights on unconscious thoughts that prevent advancements of goals.”
Maurice Labell –
Manitoulin Financial

“Refreshing! It truly brought everything back into focus. A reminder on goal planning more often and how to schedule the time. I really enjoyed the ideas of how to provide little extras for clients – concierge service – favorite wine, magazines, etc. Wonderful ideas!”
Debby Austin –

“Very Inspirational. Excellency in presentation that motivates me to work again.”
Patria M. Quisao

“Really enjoyed your frankness. I really liked the material on forgiveness – that a part of your success can be achieved through meditation. Believing you are a success to be successful.”
Terry Grant –
C. Mac Lessen Limited

“Spoke to the point, that I knew was stopping me – a push I needed. Fear of self.”
Keith Patterson –
Debt Freedom

“Good – a lot of information. Excellent – coaching system.”
Sam E. Luong –
GI Financial

“Well done – uplifting and made me realize I’m missing parts of my own wants, needs and vision. Very inspirational. Lack of exposure and do not go through the expense of advertising.”
Paulene Deifel –
Partners in Planning ES

“Forces you to look inward. A quick summarization of my business goals. Focus.”
Geoff Burman –
Broker Advantage

“You break down the negatives of the business, and you really made me think about my business.”
Rick Van Allen –
Freedom 55 Financial

“Humorous with excellent statistics and quotes – uplifting – made me look at my business differently – for the better. Phrase “what are your priorities?” – can and should be ahead of 1st client meeting.”
Joel Cadesky –
DOT Integrated Financial

“Gave me the insight to set a business plan and set goals. Your material is thought provoking.”
John Chennoth –
DKC Insurance and Financial

“Your presentation was based on strong facts, things people can relate to. He confirmed that it is possible not to be afraid of the unknown.”
Cherry Kahn

“Your passion and conviction for what you stand up to fight to make our profession better, is outstanding. I really enjoyed your material on the complete list of building a foundation for your business.”
Kevin Cahill –
Kevin Cahill Financial Services Inc.

“I was inspired. Knowledge about myself and what is preventing me from asking for referrals.”
David Moore –
John Moore Insurance Broker Limited

“Your presentation was the best of the entire Toronto Spring Summit.”
Rachel Valliere –
Taylor Financial

“Candid. You make sense.”
Bev Mazza –
Partners in Planning

“High energy – to the point. Don’t let yourself slip into taking it easy. Use an assistant.”
JD Smith –
SD Smith Insurance

“The truth about why we don’t move forward in our business – personal needs not being met. Understanding the negative sources that exhaust us daily.”
Kim Seipt –
Freedom 55

“It awakened the driving forces that have kept me in this industry for almost 30 years. We have all the tools we need including an excellent infrastructure and support team.”
Simon G. Hecks –
Charter House Financial Group

“Simple to the point – direct to the core, most concepts are based on what the word of God says for man to live.”
Coreen Helder –
Everest Funeral Planning & Concierge Services

“Reinforced what I know yet needed to hear again. The importance of being a life insurance advisor.”
Monica Olenroot –
DCH Insurance Services

“I have the knowledge and desire, I lack the vision and need to understand my values and set my goals. Simon reminds you that you’re in control, you need a vision and set goal to achieve it.”
Jim Brough –
Edward Jones

“Insightful and very current information. Simon is a very engaging speaker with great examples. He held my attention the whole time.”
Michael Brattman –
Cowan Insurance Brokers

“Loved the mix of pictures and quotes.”
Jennifer Davies –
DNA Financial Logistics

“Very well done. Covering unmet needs, want to know more.”
Beata Krativk –
Noble Group of Finance

“He is well rounded, and knowledgeable about spiritual truths. Great marketing ideas and practice ideas.”
Simon Maxwell –
Maxwell Insurance

“High energy speaker. He provided the answers to my personal issues affecting my business.”
Larry Gilks –
Freedom 55

“Could relate to you. Down to earth.”
Domenic Ferreri –
Domenic Ferreri Investments

“Wake up call that I can do what you do.”
Bill Cryderman –
Cryderman Insurance Brokers Ltd.

“Excellent, information, invaluable. Seeing that there is a way to improve my current business.”
Paul B. Koehler –
Prism Financial Group

“Open and to the point. A wake up call to get back on track.”
Andrew Hall –
Mitchell Sandham

“Your dynamic presentation emphasized your abundant information and quotes. I didn’t’ expect the spiritual content of your presentation – thank you.”
Keith Sutherland –
Totally Diversified Financial Services

“High energy presentation. Insight into some roadblocks that I am experiencing, and that I’m not alone.”
Lori Hill

“Your enthusiasm and knowledge. That I am using some of the ideas already that I didn’t know were helpful.”
Marni Hefner  –
Dot Integrated

“Inspiring. Setting values. Reinforcement of my abilities and the things I am doing right.”
Muneer Habib –
Aimm Inc.

“Very informative. Motivation through examining existing roadblocks.”
Rob Malone

“Excellent, forces us to think about what we are doing. The simplicity of the approach.”
Tony Guarini –
Unity Managing Underwriters Ltd.

“Very informative, knowledgeable, clear, motivating, – speaker very energetic.”
Rosemer Enverga –
Allied Partner’s Ins. Agency

“So many excellent concepts to reflect and then act on. Very interesting, you concept of unmet needs and how this affects how one works in the business.”
Robert Robinet –
Robinet Financial Services Inc.

“Great presentation. The clarity and fast pace of the presentation.”
Bruno Minicucci –
Unity Realty & Insurance Inc.

“Tips given to stay positive while facing the looming recession. Ways in which to communicate clients needs to them. Many similar pieces of advice as ‘The Secret’.”
Nicole Robins –
Milmine Insurance

“Loved your style, energy, knowledge and enthusiasm! A confirmation and refocus on my business values and living style.”
Gavin Laws –
Laws Benefits Inc.

“Well presented with good content for everyone.”
Rosemary Pullman-Richard

“Your presentation directly addresses in a rather practical way the factors limiting successful activity. I attended with an open mind and thoroughly enjoyed the passionate and deliberate manner.”
Byron W. Henry –
Primerica Financial Services

“You strike at the bull’s eye.”
Don D’Soula –
Knights of Columbus

“Simon, you are very motivating. You present information in a useful setting. Great energy; and I understand the need for a coach to help me grow my business.”
Diane Chetram –
Great Wealth Insurance & Financial Services

“Great motivation!! Best speaker so far!”
Rey X. Olamit –
Allied Partners Insurance Agency

“Positive, upbeat, truth. Realized my shortcomings.”
Tom Quirk –
Mitchell Sandham Ins.

“Excellent and enlightening presentation. Thanks for the mental house cleaning.”
Ferdinand Montes

“Excellent and inspirational presentation.”
Joanne Markanastasakis –
Active Wealth Management Inc.

“Energy of speaker, practical info, excellent overhead, great and useful advice.”
Jocelyn Rosos –
Liland Ins. Inc.

“Thought provoking, reinforce my own thoughts – a kick in the butt to smarten up.”
Bill Hedderson –
Bill’s Financial Services

“To look at different approaches/ be open. Blunt presentation.”
Russ Bastow –
Russ Bastow Inc. Brokers

“Dynamic presentation. Best pep-talk I’ve heard since companies did away with agency offices.”
Edward J. Uhraney –
Uhraney Insurance

“I liked everything in the presentation especially the marketing aspect. It is so helpful in my business. I didn’t expect that by attending this presentation, I will get the free e-newsletter.”
Marilou Gelacio –
360° Financial

“Simple workable ideas that could be easily implemented. Staying alert after lunch and being interested in every word you spoke.”
Jennifer Whittier-Haswell –
360° Financial

“Various, specific examples. Creative, speech and recording MP3. ‘Secrets’ I just read.”
Jimmy Lee –

“Good presentation. Eyes wider open.”
Ralph Laxton –

“You deal the core/cause of the situation. The right vibration.”
Steve Marks  –
Primerica Financial Services

“The info on the slides and your personal presentation. Lots of powerful, pertinent life and business enhancing strategies.”
Taul Singh –
Rick Auckbarauli’s Corporation

“Pertinent quotes. This is the second time I have seen you speak. You have interested me enough to see the ‘Removing Your Roadblocks’ presentation again.”
Joe D’Aurizio –
Dundee Private Investors

“Good speaker – knows his stuff. Vision and written plans must be done to measure your self.”
Jeff Hearn –
LMS Prolink Ltd.

“Re-energized me to get back into business mode, after a maternity leave. Figure out what I am afraid of and get over it.”
Kimberly Doyle-Fraser

“Your energy is fantastic. Thanks for the reminder of the basic principals to work on in my business, and for the reminder to believe in myself.”
Greg Bouskill –
Financial Awareness

“Made me get a positive outlook about the future of the financial services business. You have always been excellent every time I see you, so there was no reason for me to not expect the best.”
Nelson D’Silva –
Advent Financial

“Great knowledge of topic. Speed of presentation, interaction between the speaker and the audience was great. A riveting presentation. Truly an awakening experience.”
Patsy Clyke –
Group Services Insurance Brokers