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Testimonials from IFB Conference – Toronto, ON – November 5, 2008

“Very motivating, touched several nerves!”
Randy Wright – Success Strategies

“High energy, passionate; equipped audience to think better, which leads to better actions.”
Rick Tomalty – Freedom 55 Financial

“New definition of unmet needs. Thanks.”
Neeraj Mehta – Research Capital

“Motivated, sincere, knowledgeable etc.”
Sadru Khushal – SD Financial Services Inc.

“Most timely – in the business 35 years.”
James Playfair – The Playfair Group Inc.

“No B.S. approach.”
Brian E. Hehn – InterAct Benefits Consulting Inc.

“Reinforces what has to be done in order to succeed.”
Rick Kirkham – Ken Maynard Insurance Brokers

“The contents of the topic.”
Johnny Quayson – Primerica Financial Service

“Dynamic, thought provoking.”
Rick Adair – Earl Shaw Ins Brokers

“Upbeat, concrete suggestions, no B.S.”
Rob Allan – Carruthers Nicol Insurance & Investments Inc.

“Realization of the facts we allknow but do not take time to think about.”
Inder Madan

“Blending energy, positive reinforcement & audience interaction to maintain the audience’s attention.”
Claudio Cipriani – Mitchell Sandham Ins Inc.

“Originality & candor to introspect.”
Sotere Demangelos – Sigma Delta Insurance Inc.

“Positive, clear & concise.”
Bonnie Williamson – Insurance Portfolio Inc.

“The content – interesting. Valuable information.”
Donna-Marie Barilla – E.J. Barilla & Associates Ins. Agencies Inc.

“Your energy creates excitement.”
John McClean – Insuranceland Inc.

George Harrison

“Soundly confrontational forcing facing up.”
Pietro Sostegno – Trinity Insurance

“Very inspiring and thorough.”
R. Roger Ramkissoon – MHC Insurance Inc.

“Very down to earth – excellent presentation.”
Geoffrey J. Freeman – Freeman Ins. Broker

“It was real, because Simon has lived it.”
Ted Wernham – Boomer Wealth Coach

“Caused me to think about my unmet need.”
Patrick W.S. Cheung – Ideal Insurance Broker

“The uplifting substance.”
Reg Bateman – Smith William & Bateman