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Testimonials from IFB Conference – Toronto, ON – November 4, 2008

“I liked your list of roadblocks – easy to identify where I’m at & what I’ve lost.”
Margaret Janecki – Carte Wealth Management Inc.

“Enthusiasm motivate me to do things I know I should.”
Rita Dillon – Professional Investments

“Good reminder to set 5 yr business plan & 90 day goals & ask for referrals. Take the risk.”
Lynda M. Lever – Capital Wealth Management

“Honest enthusiasm, engaging.”
Cheryl Mann -Oak Tree Financial

“The cleaning affirmation that turns fear into enthusiasm and changes our vision adding greater value to our business.”
Stella Anka – WFG Canada

“A very emotional and clear presentation.”
Ronald Calderon – Compare Financial

“Re-emphasizing the importance of a written plan. Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect the first time written.”
Keith Rendall – Financial Benefit Group

Guido Innocentin

“Well paced & energetic.”
Lino Ciuffreda – Fundex Investments Inc.

“Entused way presented, motivating.”
Carol Giles – Tait Insurance

“Well spoken presenter, felt he was speaking to me, not at me, passionate speaker.”
Mario Rodriguez – Knights of Columbus

“Good presentation with clear information.”
Jitu Sagare – IFG

“The sample things to do.”
Rita Harris – Cowan Financial Solutions

“Good and clear.”
David Campbell – Northwood Mortgage Life

“Very direct. Life made easy. Guidance – help – untapped for me. Did not know where to look or go. There has been so much. Who do I start with.”
Randy Marvell – Freedom 55 Financial

“Reminded me the paramount need for written & verifiable goals over a 90 day period.”
Zenon Barchynsky

“Your story – Hard work has cost – Effective efficient work brings great rewards.”
Dion Dicks – Sunlife

“Someone talking with “passion” and believing in what they present.”
Alec Caldwell – Carahs

“It awoke methods I knew but stop using.”
R. Roger Ramkissoon – MHC Insurance Inc.

“Thought provoking.”
Rick Ellas

“Clear values scorecard gives us your true standing.”
Neeraj Mehta – Research Capital

“Being very positive & direct.”
Nancy Lalonde – Tait Insurance & Financial Services

“Informed, basic concepts reminders of what needs to be done.”
David Newman – Fiscal Agents

“I heard you speak at the IFB Spring Summit and I got great ideas then and even better ideas now.”
Eldean Dickenson – Wheatfield Financial Group

“Motivating & interesting. Doing one thing different today.”
Francis Castelino – Polyfunds Investments Inc.

“Enjoy positive changes that can make a difference.”
Wayne McConnachie

“Great actionable ideas!”
Kathleen Vandenberg – Vandenberg Wealth Strategies

“Pure positviism.”
Patrick McDonald – CFP

“Simon Reilly was very interesting, very informative, very knowledgeable and kept us all aware.”
D. Cameron Welsh – Queensbury Group

Roger M. Resplandor – Financial Horizons

“Very energetic & passionate. I’ve transferred that energy/motivation to me. Best presentation for today.”
Kim Tajpaul – Financial Horizons

“Presentation inspiring and rewarding experience.”
Pedro Carpio – W.F.G.

“Simon is an engaging speaker; if I could have a small iota of his charisma, I’d probably sell more!”
Charlene Baker-Suk – Eagle Ridge Financial

“Positive, upbeat, informative.”
David Stockall – The Stockall Group

“Extremely positive energy flow.”
Leszek Dziadecki – Advantage Group

“Energy, superb delivery.”
Elizabeth Pabo – Advantage Group of Finance

“Confirmed things I believe, but no one would concur with.”
Laura Rossignol – DFC Financial Services

“Clear, precise and a lot of good tips.”
Wai Leung

“The unmet needs circle & “Are you emotionally retired?”.”
Josephine Tam – Vision Capital

“Clear and to the point.”
Rajiv Srivastava
– IDC Financial