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Testimonials from IFB Conference – Calgary, AB – April 22, 2009

“Finally psychology is being recognized as being as important as the product! I’m not crazy after all.”
Todd Szakacs – Credential Financial

“I appreciated the honesty of the presenter. You bared your soul and allowed me to see that it is ok. I now have the ability to see inside myself and really look at what I see. I’ve been too busy to look and now I see that a quiet mind is a great idea.”
Bryan Muir – Muir Financial

“It was turning inside out and breathing. Getting rid of my subconscious clutter was something I hadn’t realized before.”
Frank Vasic – Vasic Insurance Services Inc.

“I learned it’s all about the 6 inches between our ears and strengthening ourselves from the inside out.”
Leland H. Pilling – Canada Loyal Financial

“This was great! I learned the unconscious is a large compound to the conscious. I questioned my motivation and asked myself why am I doing what I am?”
Gordon Church – Prince Houer Wealth & Estate Planning

“Simon confirmed to me what I knew about myself and my business. He reminded me of the things that I can do, be and to dream.”
Dean Christie – Investor Financial Services

“This was a recoginition of inner events that are stored there from previous encounters.”
Glenn Burkholder – GB & Associates Inc.

“What a re-boost of positive thoughts!”
Jayson McHattie – Portfolio Strategies

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