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Testimonials from HUB Toronto – Toronto, ON – October 20, 2010

“Made me think about my roadblocks and why I am not doing more to remove them.”
Nick Glassow
Hub Financial

“Clearly presented with true conviction. I have a desire to read the book.”
Brian Johnson
Johnson & Robertson Financial / HUB Capital Inc.

“The presentation was precise and consistent.”
Cameron Rowe
Johnson & Robertson Financial / HUB Capital Inc.

“I enjoyed your passion and clear ideas. I have new insight to go forward in my business.”
Roy Menezes
Independent broker with HUB Financial

“Energy, dynamic speaker and common sense ideas. I now have the impetus to start working on a new 2011 business plan.”
Gary Soupcoff
World Financial Group

“Excellent speaker, very passionate about what you do- inspirational. As a new associate with Manulife Securities this presentation really helped me with establishing a plan for where I want to see myself in the future. It also helped me with evaluating the reasons I have chosen this career path.”
David Rachpaul
Confido Wealth Management at Manulife Securities

“Simon was great, very informative with excellent ideas. I am motivated.”
Karmini Naik
Peace Financial

“There were many practical, functional truths that resonated with me. Much appreciated!”
Alexander Marincic
Benefact Benefit Consultants

“Enthusiasm, positive thinking and great attitude. I am motivated with positive beliefs that will bring positive results.”
Ramesh M. Shah

“I enjoyed your enthusiasm. I didn’t expect the referral card system- great work.”
Mike Falcad
Liberty Assurance

“Enthusiastic and practical. I didn’t expect to learn how to ask for referrals.”
Elaine Berry
Bryson & Associates Insurance Broker Ltd.

“Great energy. Simon offered us a full package of resources.”
Jay Scheets
Bryson & Associates Insurance Broker Ltd.

“I like the 90 day goal setting and focus and follow up strategy. I learned how improving some lacking areas can achieve a significant difference.”
Jackson Shaukat
HUB Financial

“Very informative and motivational. I enjoyed the lesson in getting back to basics; delegate and implement ideas.”
Wes Simons
CPN Financial Services

“Stressed the need to prepare a business plan and 90 day goals.”
Majestic Wealth Management Inc.  

“What enthusiasm! I see the need for a ‘written’ business plan.”
Henry Patey
Percentage Plus Financial group Inc.

“Simon’s has passion for speaking. I didn’t expect the message of being positive.”
Randy Kom
HUB Financial

“I like that you called me to action. My mission, vision and values need to be my life: not just the writing on the wall. I learned the negative emotions that are blocking me are all in my mind.”
John Aarssen
Achieve Financial Services

“The speaker’s enthusiasm, energy, positivity and information given was excellent.”
Kham Long Ta

“High energy, good concepts were revisited and reawakened. I didn’t expect a book- nice touch.”
Barry Dowling
Fundex Investments

“Woke me up from complacency. I have recognition of my unmet needs and the way to move forward with my goals.”
N. Charles Henriques
Accord and Associates

“Simon gave me inspiration and hope that I can still build my practice by reading his book.”
Edward Eagioli
HUB Financial

“Great energy; reinforced the need to have and execute a business plan and stop wasting time on unmet needs. I didn’t expect free literature and great strategies.”
Steve Heltcher

“Enjoyed the positive energy in the presentation. I will plan ahead and set goals for 2011 now.”
Elizabeth Richards
EMR Global Financial Services

“It appears that what I have known is what I should have done years ago: a written business plan.”
Frank Mangan
WH Stuart

“Energetic and informative.”
Anita Suri
Real Time Insurance Services

“Very informative and inspiring. Good advice on business plan and objectives.”
Sadrudin Khushal
HUB Financial